Title,lil' confusing right?. How could a life be full of happiness?, Is it possible?. Dont think too much I'll answer your questions. Before that what do you think as happiness? Can it be bought? . Not going to make you get bored. Lets get into the topic.

Your thoughts makes your happiness. Happiness differs from person to person. What you think as happiness will eventually make you happy and what is not will not. What satisfies and succeeds you in your life, makes you feel blessed or lucky, Is what happiness. It's not about who you are and what you do, but the way you think. It is a part of emotion which holds a place in you, your subconscious. Mean while one can feel happy and it's not going to change the other's. Because your happiness is only your's and solely depends on how you think.

Now-a-days many lack happiness in their lives. So I wish to share how to be happy always. Ones life cannot be always happy but still some laws can change it. We are living at present and has the power to change it. Ones life is mixed with all kind of emotions but most probably nobody wants to be sad and wish to be happy always. Yes, you can!. Lets discuss about the ways to lead a happy life in Buddha's view.

Once if you start following these rules, then what else? You are the happiest person ever!. Actions cannot buy happiness but remember there is no happiness without actions.

Never hate:
Can you do this ?. Yes, never hate anyone. But most of us hate something or someone at once in a lifetime, as it becomes the nature of the humans. Still, you can be a person who doesn't even hates his/her haters. Let it be the one who thinks bad for you but you try to be always good to them. Once if you start hating things, sure you will hate everything and one fine day you will hate yourself. Hating none brings you peace in life and a key to your happiness. Your own happiness lie in yourself not with others. So think positive and feed the next with full of positive thoughts and make them to lead a happiest life ahead.

Don't worry:
Obviously, a difficult one. People often worry for things, worry about future and almost everything. So once if you start worrying about things your mental state will become unstable and chemical reactions occur, such reactions will affect you physically because we are in a universe were each and everything is connected. So know that your worries a slow poisons which kill your mental satte completly. By worrying the essence of happiness in your life will decrease. So my dear readers never keep on worrying about things. What is meant to happen will happen even in your absence. So learn to accept things. Once you accept it then you can change it but if you can't chnage it then quit from it. Be deteministic to change things, everything is in your hands. Let things happen and stay positive and happy.

Live simple:
Everyone seeks for a luxurious life. Does happiness comes from getting everything you want?. Real happiness comes from what you are sharing with the people they deserve. Don't compare your life with others because you don't deserve it. Our life is ours, only ours. One may wish to live your life but the fact is one and only you know the pain of your own living. But the perspective of others in your life matters!. So live with what you have and feel blessed. The happiness comes when you accept your life, with determination when there is nothing. It as well defines you!

Expect less:
I say never expect. Did you know? Expectations always hurt and makes you to feel depressed. I guess it's quite difficult so my dear readers expect less rather than expect nothing. Expectations always make you feel bad and hopeless. Know that what you deserve is this life here. There are many fellow beings wish to lead a life like your's. So never and ever expect anything. Once if you expect less then you'll feel happy. This is way of your own action towards happiness.

Give a lot:
Give a lot means money?. If your answer is yes. Then you don't know the value of life. Giving is sharing what you have with you. Love people to the fullest even if they think bad to you and expect nothing in return. Happiness comes from it. Once you start sharing things you have will not be a big issue for you but the one who really needs it and lacks it knows the worth of it. So dear readers from today start sharing even if you have nothing. Some things doesn't need charges like our love and happiness. Share, make others happy, there lies your real happiness.

Smile for no reason:
once you start doing like this, people might think!..uff, got mad or what!. No matter what others think about you, Be you and live your own life with your own actions to be happy throught the life. As author Rudyard Kipling said " If you can meet with triumph and disaster, treat those two imposters just the same". Never Express your emotions to the outside world, because they don't know what's your past as well as their perspective may differ. So always put a smile on your face

Because happiness is not you postpone for the future, it's how you design your present.

"Happiness lies in your thoughts, also it is not available readymade and comes from your own actions".

Happy and let happy

From now start to celebrate the international day of happiness on 20th March.



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