We all have someone in our class or in our group which is very shy and silent kind of person and there are a lot of people who enjoy their life openly and they seem to be joyful right!! So have you ever seen these two personalities then congrats guys to know the different between introvert and extrovert.


Personality is our thoughts, pattern of living and it represents our nature and character. If beauty captures attention then personality captures hearts.

So in this article we will find out the difference between introvert and extrovert personalities. And which one is better or is there any other personality present.


Society have a general dimensions about being introvert and extrovert like an introvert guy is shy, reserved or silent kind of and extrovert are totally opposite from that. But defining introvert in this loose way is not fair. Basically introverts are those who spend their larger amount of time in their own thoughts and ideas and that are why sometime they seem like lost in their own world. So if they don’t socialize or they don’t want to be the center of attraction of a large group that doesn’t mean they hate large groups. They simply don’t feel enthusiastic and confortable in larger groups. They lose their energy if they stay in a group for longer period of time and in fact their energy gets charge in alone. According to studies, they have deep and focus thinking and they want quiet and independent environment to work. They prefer one to one relations rather than a group and that’s why they become more successful in those fields in which there is need or independent charge or collaboration. Some examples of introvert people are bill gates, Albert Einstein and Mukesh Ambani. These people don’t want to be in limelight for larger amount of time.


Extrovert people always do more social interaction, they enjoy in groups and get energies in that. They usually thee center of attraction of groups and they possesses loud thinking, quick decision making and team work. They have large social network. In some fields, extrovert are very much successful like training manager, human resources development, public relations, doctors, psychiatrists, actors etc. Now scientifically speaking, our brain releases dopamine chemical which indicates us about happiness and excitement and during adventurous sports and or high energy this dopamine chemical releases in extrovert people which leads them to that work more often.


Both these two personalities have little bit different types of brain scans like in introvert there is thick prefrontal cortex as compared to extrovert and it is possible because this part of brain directly connected to deep thinking and decision making. In extroverts the right hemisphere of their brains are slightly larger than the introvert ones because this part of brain controls our emotions and due to this the possibilities of depression and anxiety is quite less in extroverts.

Our society has a positive bias towards extrovert personality and society thought that introvert ones are not confident or active people but this is not truth. Personality always remains with us and our thoughts are controlled with it and it will also influence our feelings and behavior.

Being introvert is not bad and being extrovert is same as that, it is all up to you that how you gonna live your life.