Why You Need To Get Over Your Past

Kumar Himanshu
May 01, 2019   •  1 view

Your past may clinge to your every next courageous step you make like a stubborn chewingum reminding you of the innocent student you once were before being this mature,risk taking son of a gun you are now.

While it may somewhere seem a little bit comfortable and safe to stay in a part of the past even though it hurts you, accepting the reality is the only door to a better future.

Why Are You Attached To The Past

Because it was beautiful.And the fact that you're not afraid to admit it, already makes you stronger !

The times were amazing,your jokes,your energy levels,your shedules,your actions, your friendships,your leaderships,your punctuality and overall you were amazing . And that's pretty much all you actually miss.Not the amazing times but the amazing person who made those ordinary times, extraordinary.You miss that charming person and the good news is that the past may be gone but that person is still somewhere inside you.

But what you are now,is way more and better than what you once were.

Your Past Is Perfect

If you could travel back in time, you'd wish to change a million things about your past I'm sure but do think about the lovely times you remember,the opportunities,the amazing friends,the lovely moments you never saw coming in your life.The accidental happenings which became the foundations of beautiful aspects of your life.Meeting that person online who's your best friend now, sharing your seat with that mate with whom you sit daily now, helping that poor women with a kid who owns her own restaurant by the street now, working hard about that assignment for which you got the best results later on.

In life there are no accidents, you're meant to be sad sometimes just the way you're meant to discover all the colors of this life.But isn't that what makes life beautiful ?

Some of the sad moments could turn out into the special moments.Imagine when you're sad and the few number of people who are actually there for you and make efforts to make you feel better. Now that's what wins your heart more than anything.

Its Already Gone

You may pretend you still have a hold of it,a certain memory,a certain point,a certain solid object relating to the past but dear reader,it's already gone.

And it's okey.

You don't owe past or anyone from the past anything now.You may have done back then but not anymore.If there's anything we're all equally eligible for,is to live what we have now,is to live this moment like it's just ours to live,to live this moment like we've earned it,to live this moment doing what we want to do,to live this moment the way we dreamt to live sitting on the 4th-5th bench in 3rd grade classes years ago,to live this moment the way we won't regret it in our wheelchair 20 years later,to live this moment like we've earned it and to live this moment like there's no next one.

Because there isn't.This time,this moment is all you have now. You don't have the past anymore, I'm sorry but congratulations,you have today !

So go on start working on the project you've been procrastinating all week,go talk to your crush you've been stalking on social media,go send that text or make a phone call to those friends you haven't talked with in ages,go sit near your parents and ask them what can you do for them,open your playlist from years ago and listen to those funky kiddish pop songs you used to wait for in the tv,go look into the mirror and spend hours doing your hair.Go be an idiot.

But be a happy idiot.