Why It's Okay To Not Have A Best Friend

Kumar Himanshu
May 22, 2019   •  9 views

A best friend can be one of the most amazing and memorable things of your life. While you have a bundle of friends with 100 bundles of talents,you may not have a best friend amongst them. And you may often desire to fill this blank space by a a perfect best friend as you once used to have.

However,it's perfectly normal and alright to now have one.Read the several reasons below to find out WHY !

You're Too Busy To Maintain An Intense Friendship With Anyone Right Now

Best Friends are intense ! Okay ? It takes often a real toll on each of them to play that "best-friend" part for each other. Bros have to get each other's back,girls have to be there whenever their sweet ones need relationship advice and what not.

But at certain point of life,you might be too busy to take out that sum of time for anyone,and what's more is that they may require this time and effort from you twice,thrice or everyday of the week !

While it's definitely a great thing to do for your best friend,it may be a deal of loss for you if it requires you to compromise your time from something exquisite you've been doing for a long time or a project that's really important to you and desires your best effort.

You Don't Wanna End Up With A Toxic Best Friend Just Because You're Desperate

Okey this reference is gonna be for the people who've watched Logan, "You know what happens to a man who's desperately looking for something ? He finds it.

But then what happens later,destroys him".

You'll get a best friend within 2-3 days since you start looking for one but the person you find,is he really your best one ?

Or just your quickest one ?

Indeed accepting the other person with all their bad qualities as well is a true best friends job but fixing a broken wall and breaking down along it are two different things.

You want someone to be your pal who knows his goods and bads. Because if he doesn't,then being a best friend you get dragged along that person in heaven or hell wherever they decide to play.

You Would Rather Spend The Time Becoming Your Own Best Friend First

Alright now,we both know you cannot give out the love to someone if you don't have it for even yourself.

You gotta learn the art of love before painting romance of friendship for a mate.

Once you're convinced to be one of the most talented, optimistic, victorious and successful people you've known,it won't take you long to meet someone who'd share this belief of yours and ultimately become your The Best Friend.



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Wajahat Mir  •  2y  •  Reply
Bro if you are comfortable with yourself alone, you don't need no friends
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Hey you wrote well.. check my articles too.