The Friends With Whom We Don't Talk Anymore

Kumar Himanshu
May 14, 2019   •  39 views

A major part that contributed to the total sweet sum of happiness in our lives is our group of friends and freaks who gave us memories that we've been cherishing so far and been smiling, thinking about all those times we were together.

Here's a tribute to those amazing people with whom unfortunately we don't talk anymore (Charlie Puth's song plays in background).

The School Friends

Oh what lovely times
Were they
Watery weathers
Skies were gray
With bags full of
Toys and books
Dads as drivers
Mothers as cooks
As they sent us
Off to school
Where watching cartoon
Was considered cool
Pencil box
With pencils three
Where two extras were often
Borrowed from me
By my two
Bestest buddies
Best in friendship
Not so much in studies
And I remember
Each class we had
Tiffin breaks were happiness
Oh homeworks were sad
One tiffin
Five friends
One sandwich
With no ends
Even as I write now
I remember writing essays on cow
And my friends
On the last seat
Laughing with covered faces
Oh so neat !
And the damn monitor
Writing our names
Like are we some criminals ?
For just playing some games
But oh those days
Like packets of lays
And then we moved
To college craze
The ultimate teenage
Harmonal maze

The College Friends

Oh what can I
Say about them
The Friends made a gang
The gang made a name
The times were greatest
Full of love and youth
Hardened muscles
Love and it's soothe
Guys and girls
Bikes and booze
Tight Schedules
Cutting loose
Romantic bunks
And promises made
That we'll be together
We won't fade
Cokes and food
And deadly dudes
But living in hostels
Sometimes ruined the moods
But we celebrated
We dated
We grew and we hated
We applied,we got selected
For a job,a new day
And what was coming
None of us could say

The Youth

Now as we walk
You hear us talk
These manly voices
The responsible choices
Grown up now
Somewhere somehow
We now meet people
With two reasons alone
For monetary purposes
Or seek the happiness gone
The one's who're professional
Oh you'll get the job done
The one's who're personal
Oh you're my special one
Among the other plans
For parents and jobs
Reaching out to old friends
Loses its methods
And as we marry and may
We get a family
And love everyday
We move on
With what we're now
Hoping to be once again
We once were somehow

The Old Age

As dear readers now
You see they're old
And thus is the end
To this story being told
But oh wait remember
That olds speak wise
And now in their finals
They finally realize
That life was long
Indeed a song
But what made it matter
What made heart flatter
What made days great
With PUBG and it's crate
With unhealthy habits and games
With giving funny names
The real life was when
We became friends,oh then
In those benches of classroom
In those "Happy Holiday,see you soon !"
In those hey let's meet again sometime
Where I'll hear your story,you hear mine.