Let's admit it,the world is filled with amazing and creative people,I mean just look at yourself ! And it gets pretty hard to meet someone awesome and not fall in love with them. I mean there's no reason not to, right ? They are funny,they are smart, they're like you, they're humans, they've a tv and you guys can eat fast food together. What's not to like in this lifestyle ?

This theory is exactly why I've and most of the people fall in love more often in life than they fall in hatred with someone.

Loving someone is easy, hating someone is hard so why not do the easy thing that pleases you instead of the hard thing which you don't even like and are forced to do by your ego and emotions.

Its Okey To Fall Often

Trust me it's fine.Some say that would eventually mean you cannot trust your feelings anymore,but then who really can ? Who really has ? Ever !

Our feelings always mess us up,our emotions always dress us up but suppressing them won't work because that's exactly who we are !

Yeah maybe if you try being extra cautious,you don't fall for the charms,the caring attitude,the genuine texts,the late night talks and whatsoever but where's the fun in that ?

But If I Fall for Almost Anyone,How will I recognize My Special One ?
How will you recognize your special one if you don't fall for everyone else ?
There's a reason why your special one is a special one.Its because he/she is different from the other breed of beauties and cuties you've dated and got your heart broken from.

If you have faith there is a special one,then you must have faith there will be lots of ordinary ones too !

Remember, getting confused with the ordinary ones is a part of the process, that's why god made so many of them.

(After a series of Heartbreaks)
Uh,Perhaps Love Isn't Just Made For Me

Yeah perhaps it's not.Perhaps what's made for you is more special than the cliches and terms & conditions of the traditional love.You fall for every random sweet soul,you die for every decent dangling voice,you care for every elegant eager eyes,you get your heartbeat fasten for every stubborn sweet smile,I mean seriously what's the matter with you ?

You make love sound so casual,you get these Fancy feeling for everyone and everyone but oh wait....
Wait a minute.....
If you get these gorgeous gifts of emotions for the ordinary ones,just dwell into the possibility of how much your soul and your all holds for the one single special one that might walk into your life someday looking just like one of the ordinaries in the beginning.

Just so with time you would realize that this is the one.
But I cannot Just Trust Someone Like That Now ! Can I ?
Of course you don't,but that's the beauty of love. In the beginning you'll have a million reasons not to trust this weird person who's different than anyone you've ever danced and dangled with.This person is different from all of them,but similar to just one,you.

You'll feel a sense of familiarity whenever that person is around, and with a million red flags shouting to stay away, you'd dwell and dive deep into the life of this person just to realize how easy and safe can trusting someone feel,when you trust the right one.

Oh But What If My Heart Breaks ?
Oh but what if ,it doesn't . ❤️