Once you have an innovation culture, even those who are not scientists or engineers – poets, actors, journalists – they, as communities, embrace the meaning of what it is to be scientifically literate. They embrace the concept of innovation culture.” With a nerve-racking quote by Neil deGrasse Tyson, let us speak about engineers and innovation.

The very own screen in which you are reading this article is a piece of innovation. The world revolves around innovation and its culture. What might seem, could be mastered upon with ease, never comes without a price of hard work and sparkling ideas and that is what engineering is about, innovation is about. The stereotypical definition of an engineer can be found anywhere on the internet or in a dictionary but defining an engineer is rather simple.

One who dreams about making things happen and makes it happen.” As simple as that. Irrespective of domain and specialization, a person who make things work according to his will is an engineer.

The role of an engineer is found to be active in tackling world’s massive problems, from saving lives to creating newer technologies that will eventually lead to a simpler life. Engineering is crucial in development of humanity itself and it always has been. Let us now plunge into some of the major engineering practices and innovations that have changed the world.


Who isn’t an ardent enthusiast of communication? Everybody is. Connectivity has opened doors to endless possibilities in the past few decades. Basically, connectivity began with telephones and now it is as good as in person connectivity by means of technological innovation of video calling feature. People are just one click away from acquaintance, irrespective of their positions on the planet.


From bicycles to airplanes, I suspect there is only one parameter pending which is increased speed. Look who comes to the rescue, it is engineers again. There are already projects undergoing to make sure that the mode of transportation is simpler and faster than ever. Travelling is not only limited to ground or air it has been extended to space too. From Sputnik to Chandrayaan II, we have witnessed what seemed to be impossible.

Electrical & Electronics Advancements

Since the inception of discovery of electricity, advancement in this field is skyrocketing similar to that of popularity of FaceApp. From the invention of a light bulb in the nineteenth century to invention of flashlights in our smartphones, we have come a long way.


Responsibility of an engineer in the field of healthcare is as crucial as that of a doctor. From sample testing machines to electrocardiography monitors, from building machines to creating artificial organs, it is evident that an engineer contributes a major role in healthcare obligations.

Computers and Software

Machines that act as per one’s orders and perform interminable tasks. One can subtly question how any of this is possible. The underlying answer is again, with the innovative ideas of engineers.

Engineering innovations are impactful and operable only when multiple domains are fused and looked upon. However, you can find numerous specializations and domains listed under engineering practice. One has to be aware of amiability that has been developing within the boundaries of engineering practices.

Innovation is radical, the path of acceptance is the only limitation