“Why are you so quiet today?”


“What happened?”


“Are you upset with me?”


“Then why won't you talk to me?”

Presumably, there's no reason to be quiet if another human being, or dog, or fish, or amoeba, or sofa, is within hearing distance. Why am I quiet? Am I scared of people? Of course not. I'm one of the said people. And I do talk. But not with strangers, or acquaintances, or classmates, or distant relatives, or...yeah, you get the idea.

I'm unsure if they want to listen to me. Maybe they're being polite and don't. It's easier to let them talk instead. Usually, when you ask them questions and look interested, they'll answer all your questions, even the ones you never asked and never wanted to hear the answers to. But you contain your flinch within you and nod graciously. Because that allows you to stay quiet.

“Why so quiet?” Because I feel that you need to be with someone who listens to you, so you can feel better about your setbacks. I'm always here to be your friend. It's okay if you cry, I do that too. I just keep quiet about it.

“Why so quiet?” I'm feeling overwhelmed. I want to read a book or listen to my own playlist rather than this too loud music. I don't want to be around people right now. I'll be in that quiet corner over there, tell me when it's time to go home.

“Why so quiet?” Because I'm eating! Who talks with their mouth full of food? It is bad manners to speak while eating. I might have been chewing the same carrot for an hour but that's none of your business. I do have a spare carrot, though, if you want it.

“Why so quiet? Are you angry with me? I'm so sorry.” No, I'm not angry. So what if you cracked the screen of my new Kindle? After all, you had it for fifteen minutes. Actually, it's commendable how managed to ruin it. Of course, I can get it repaired. It won't cost me an arm and a leg. And you apologized, how kind of you. I can't thank you enough.

“Why so quiet? If only you would come out of your shell. I'm bored to tears.” I know. Your yawning twice every thirty seconds kind of gave it away. But you talk about heels which I don't wear, or rom-com movies which I don't watch, or pink lipgloss which I don't like, or beef burgers which my vegan stomach can't stomach. So surprisingly, I'd rather stay quiet.

“Why so quiet?” I'm scared of heights! No, I won't jump. This is not live a little, it's dying a lot! Please don't push me. Either you let me back out gracefully or I will run like Thanatos himself is after my soul. Actually, I'd prefer that to this madness. Who jumps from a cliff, even securely harnessed, just for kicks?

“Why so quiet?” There's nothing to say. Joined at the hip for years, then you were a party girl, I was a nerd and our friendship was history. No, you can't have my assignment for a second. No, I don't have time to help you out tonight. You see I have a prior appointment with Mr. Sherlock Holmes. He's helping me find the trusted friend I lost.

“Why so quiet?” Look outside. The trees whispered to the flowers today. Do you want to know what they said?

“You're an introvert, plain and simple.”

Quiet is a boon to me. I feel energized.

"Why so quiet?"

I always wondered why you ask me that.

Maybe because you're scared of the quiet, aren't you?