To Do Something Trust Yourself, To Learn Something Trust Others.

Kritika Jain
Jul 01, 2019   •  31 views

We all trust in existence of God and his powers, even I do, but all the holy books and sayings that I came across made me believe in the most common quote that we all have heard many times that "God helps those, who help themselves." This quote made me believe that "To do something trust yourself, to learn something trust others."

We took a step to walk ahead because we wanted to reach to our destination but learnt how to take a step by trusting our mother.

We tried to eat food by our hands because we wanted to feed our stomach but how to hold a spoon was told by our mother.

In every stage of life and every moment we do something but we also learn something.

Guys we can trust anything and anybody to learn from something like we can trust gold to learn that without getting through from the heat of hardwork you can't shine.

We can trust ants, to learn that without falling down you would not be able to be more determined to reach your destination.

We can trust the dreamy fairytales, they will teach us to face the reality of a real life.

We can trust the birds, they will teach us to value even a minute success in life.

We can trust the water, it will teach us to keep on going with the changing scenario but keeping our nature with us only.

We can trust nature of life, it will teach us that everything is mortal.

We can trust lock and key, they will teach us that there is solution for every problem.

We can trust the relationship of darkness of night and the shine of sunshine that after every darkness of failure the ray of hope will shine brighter.

There are so many thing that we could trust to learn something but the only person we could trust to do something is ourself only.

Guys has it ever happened that you felt hungry and if anybody else ate the food you felt filled? I guess never because if you want food only you can eat. Likewise if we want to succeed in life we need to work hard , we need to be on our own.

In our life we have met many people who teach us something about life and some of them give us lessons for life and some of them help us to fulfil the goals of life but still battles of life are to be fought as warriors, to learn from failure and to crown the success in life.