The Night I Stared To Define....

Kritika Jain
Jun 25, 2019   •  56 views

Once while travelling at night I stared at that bare sky and that mesmerising night, instead of the beauty of that hilly area, the night seemed more attractive to me but I still failed to define the values , the nature of night which it imitates in its own expressive nature. I guess I failed to define a night because

The darkness of night makes me pray for the sunrise,

But its twinkling stars and moon make me pray for its stay until I fall asleep.

The eerie sounds of the night haul my mind,

But its silence soothes my soul.

The stillness of the night makes me departed from life,

But its calmness makes me absorbed in thoughts.

The smog of night vagues my way,

But its holdness endures my determination.

The emptiness of night makes me feel emotionless,

But it’s fullness makes me feel thunders of those expressive emotions.

The mortality of night makes my success mortal,

But it’s depths swallow my failures.

The mysterious nature of the night makes me curious for knots of its mystery,

But it’s imitative nature makes me learn more about it.

"The Night I stared to define.."is a beautiful sonnet that depicts that how much I tried to define a night in my words but still failed to express the wholesomeness of it. The sonnet is still not capable to express the night and its values. The night is a mysterious puzzle for me whose knots are so tightly tied by the nature that my words becomes limited to untie those knots, in my expressions.

Nature makes you feel number of expressions and experiences in life but that night was so attractive that makes it more than I felt to express. The night was so motivating that my whole surrounding just got blurred and disappeared . It was just that expression of night which nailed something in me which I'm still enable to express in words or I guess sometimes its more that you feel than the way you express, that’s what that night meant to me.

Sometimes an ordinary things seems so unique and mesmerising that you feel why didn't you notice that earlier . I guess sometimes the quality time you spend with yourself for a break from the busyness of today's life which revolves around the tik toks of life make us realise the beauty of simplicity of nature that we don't realise in our routine life. That night was so attractive that I couldn't forget, just tried to express through my sonnet.



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Kritika Jain  •  4y  •  Reply
tysm everyone 😊
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Zaytun Bwanaheri  •  4y  •  Reply
I like the piece
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tysm ma'am for ur appreciation.
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Beautiful article... ! Do visit mine too...