One Who Crowned Every Dream Of My Life..

Kritika Jain
Jun 16, 2019   •  72 views

"One who crowned every dream of my life."

I really don't know about anybody else in my life but my DAD he is not my "Hero", he is my "SUPERHERO".

You might be wondering that why I'm saying my dad a supeeyes,o?

Does he have some supernatural powers?

No, not at all.... but number of things that he does,doing, will be doing for me is more then a superhero could have done to me...

He is the person who plays his best roles in:

He plays best in Negative role,

He plays best in Positive role,

He plays best in Supportive role,

He plays best in being Storyteller role,

He plays best in being friend's role,

He plays best in life guide role,

He plays best in being my crime partner role,

He plays best in teasing role,

Many more roles

but my most favourite role that I love is when,He plays bestest in my father's role...

So, I guess for me "FATHER" stands for:

I was sitting in my room and I just realised that I never appreciated my father's sacrifices and his contributions to my life....

I realised that I said and expressed my mother that I love her a lot , she is just a blessing to me....

But the same moment I realised I never said or done something special for my Superhero...... my father ,MY DAD..

The same moment I realised that he the person who never earned for himself, he never smiled for himself , he never lived any moment for himself...

After , the moment he crowned my dreams in his eyes

He made feathers for my wings from his sacrificed dreams,

He made my wishes come true by waving his wishes off,

He made my future brighter by making his hardwork of all the days and nights to kindle it.

My Father is a person who says , just don't turn back from path of your dreams you won't find me at your back.... this seems to be rude, right but wait then I realised that

Why would he'll be standing behind me?

How could he stand behind me,

when he is the person who'll be my backbone to make me stand stiff for my dreams and he will be crowning my dreams to me...

Thank you, dad for being there for me in every pleasing and annoying moment.Dad these were few precious words I wanted to say to you but never got the chance to say you because whenever we meet , we meet for very few days or hours only and I always forget to express these emotions you while enjoying your presence around me in those precious moments. I know you are a Solider dad and your duty comes first for you but still you always reply my letters and i'm really curious to get a reply of this letter dad because I know You are going to get it on father's day dad..Please reply soon..

Your loving Stella.

This was the letter by Stella to her father who serves in Army, to express her feelings and love to her dad.

I guess who have their dad around them should also express their feelings to their father's for which they don't need any father's daybecause the moment you will respect them, love them and honour them will be the best day for them.

Then who cares its father's day or not ,it will your and your Dad's day.