Proofs That Ancient Indians Did Time Travel!

Krishna Hariharan
May 14, 2019   •  3490 views

This temple is also known as KOZHI or Panchavarnaswamy temple was constructed during the 7th century. It is located in Woraiyur, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India.Worayuir used to be the capital of Chola Kings. It also has several inscriptions dating back to the Chola period.

The architecture of this temple makes it really a unique one. It constructed in such a way that people who just visit normally just will just see normal carvings like any other temples. But when dug deep, there are many hidden carvings in the dark. Many fascinating carvings are present in the dark corners of the temple.

On one of the dark corners, there is a carving which is a human with the head of an elephant. Many might think that it is Lord Ganesha. But it is not! It is a female one with no clothes to cover. The interesting part is that it has they do have wings and has long, slender, cylindrical feet.

Until now, there is no technology available to create a species like this using genetic engineering. But it is said that within a century from now, using genetic engineering scientist can make an elephant or even a human being fly with wings on either side of them.

Another carving in the temple is a carving of a sabretooth tiger. They are commonly known as thylacosmilus. Its appearance is similar to Tiger, but the only difference is that it has a very long tooth and tail.

The trickiest part is that this animal came to extinct 2.5 million years ago and archeology says that this temple was completely constructed 2000 years ago. How did the sculptures carve the thylacosmilus exactly, 2000 years ago even though thyacosmilus was extinct 2.5 million years back?

This book explains not only time travel but also time dilation. According to this book, a King and her daughter made an interstellar journey to see Lord Brahma who lives on another planet. After reaching the planet, the King and her daughter waited for some time, to meet Lord Brahma.

As they see Brahma, the King explains about the problem that he faces through his enemies as a King in the earth to which the Lord Brahma laughs out loud and explained that the time they were waiting in that planet to meet him was equal to 160 million years on earth. Brahma also told the king that there won’t be any enemies for the king anymore and no one will even recognize him when he returns back to earth. Sounds like Nolan’s Interstellar movies, isn’t it?

This was treated as a fiction and a fantasy story until Einstein explained to human beings about time travel and time dilation in the 1900s. Now, Scientist agrees that this story strongly and accurately indicates time dilation.


Panchavarnaswamy temple also has a carving of Lord Brahma in humanoid form with a very long beard, holding a tree. It doesn’t resemble like an actual tree. The top of the tree resembles like a brain and the trunk of the tree resembles the brain stem whose root is connected to a Linga.

This carving represents a deep meaning and spirituality. Linga has always been known as a source of unlimited power. So, the brain is being powered through the stem and Brahma holding the top of the tree indicates the control that he has over the thoughts and actions of human beings.

It is impossible for a temple to have a carving which is both from the past as well as from the future unless or until the ancient Indians or at least ancient sculptures of India knew how to travel time!



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great, interesting to understand. but when we visit temples we even dont notice this type of carvings