Ed Sheeran Had A Severe Speech Problem & Eminem Helped Him Get Rid Of It?

Krishna Hariharan
May 19, 2019   •  34 views

Edward Christopher "Ed" Sheeran is an acclaimed English artist and lyricist, who has prevailed upon the hearts of individuals all the world with his melodic voice. He is an occasional rapper and actor as well. His ubiquity expanded particularly after the arrival of his first collection '+' and after a visitor appearance was made by him on Taylor Swift's fourth studio collection 'Red.'

Ed Sheeran’s story shows how the artist learned to embrace his uniqueness and overcame his challenges in order to bring us one of the most beautiful voices of our time. Let’s take a closer look at the struggles and wins of pop superstar Ed Sheeran.

Edward Christopher Sheeran was born in February 1991 in Halifax, England. He had one older brother and his parents were running an art consultancy at the time. While he struggled with socializing in school, he had an interest in music from a very young age. He became part of a church choir at 4 and soon started playing the guitar.


At 14 years old, Ed Sheeran took his guitar, stuffed some garments, and made a beeline for London to formally begin his music vocation and see where it can take him.Being on the road was far from easy. He shares that when he couldn’t find a couch for the night, he had to sleep in parks or in the subway. He had some nights when he didn’t have any money for food and was often on the vergeof giving up. But he didn’t.

In London, he was playing in small venues, producing more of his own music, releasing albums, auditioning and doing collaborations with singers he met along the way. He played in more than 300 shows in 2009 alone.

The big leap was in 2010, and while it wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and everything Ed Sheeran had done so far, social media made the success of the boy happen faster. Not many singers were leveraging the potential of social media channels at the time, but Ed Sheeran quickly spotted (and leveraged) their potential.

He was posting his videos online, and one of them was noticed by the rapper Example, who liked his style so much that he invited him to tour together. After this instant hit, he collaborated with One Direction and Taylor Swift. Another one of his songs,“I See Fire”, was used in the movie The Hobbit.

That helped him grow his online presence more and more, and people across the world started tuning in to his YouTube videos. Before long the media began focusing on the ginger kid with the guitar and the astonishing voice, and some huge names and papers began referencing him.

His red hair wasn’t helping him with his image in school, of course. However, he realized early on that while ginger men aren’t attractive, they do need to count on taking action if they want to make something happen. In addition,he shares it’s what saved him as a musician.

“Being ginger can seem like a bad thing when you are young but as a musician it has been my saving grace – because if you see a ginger kid on TV and there is only one messy-haired ginger kid who plays guitar, it is very easy to find them on YouTube.”


Ed Sheeran was tormented each day at school, chiefly for his stammer and larger than average glasses. As a child, he had a medical procedure that turned out badly and left him with a lethargic eye and extreme discourse issues. At whatever point he had a go at talking up in class, his mouth would solidify and no word would turn out. Different children were taunting him about this. Before long, he quit taking an interest and raising his hand by any stretch of the imagination.

Speech therapy wasn’t going well and one of his biggest fears was that he’ll be like that for the rest of his life. But things changed when one day his dad brought him Eminem’s record. Ed Sheeran was amazed by how fast the singer was rapping. This inspired him and he learned every word by the time he was 10. He began writing more of his own music, and suddenly his stutter was gone.


It has been been four long years since Eminem last dropped an album (The Marshall Mathers LP 2 was released in November 2013) but December 15th marks the arrival of his ninth studio album, Revival, which is a album by American rapperEminemfeaturing guest vocals by English singer-songwriterEd Sheeran.

By this time Ed has become the King of Collab by joining hands with all the famous singers, rappers and composers. Singing with the guy who unknowingly helped him get his proper speech back was definitely a fan moment for Ed Sheeran