I am sure many of you read books and most of you are addicted to books as well. In fact, I find them so interesting and magical. Books help us feel a lot of emotions we wouldn’t have felt otherwise. The words written by famous writers ages ago makes us travel through time. They help us a lot in coping with our daily lives and they can be one’s best companions. A bookworm is simply a person who loves books. He would love to spend hours reading instead of doing anything else. Such a person is called a bookworm.

Signs that you are also a bookworm can be the following:

1. You finish a book in a day and sometimes even more

If it is your favorite book, even some hours are enough for you to read the whole book.

2. You do read a lot of e-books online but you would still prefer to walk all the way to a bookstore and buy the hard copy

The effort you take to go to the bookstore is only because of your immense love for books and that its just not the same feeling as reading them online. Also, reading books in a bookstore does not cause eye-strain that e-books do.

3. You love the aroma of new books and the sweet smell of old books

There is something addictive in the aroma of the new books as you flip through the clean crisp pages. Old books contain a sweet musky smell lingering in your nose for a long long time.

4. You take a book everywhere you go

Be it a trip, or to a relative’s house, or to a sleepover or even to your college or school, you would always carry a book by your side.

5. You can binge-read for hours

Yeah, if you are a bookworm, you can go on reading for hours and hours without even getting tired or bored of it!

6. You cry and laugh through the characters in your book

Your heart aches when your favorite character dies in the middle or end of the story. You laugh when something hilarious happens to your favorite character. You live through them and you completely hate it when authors make your favorite character die!

7. Snuggling inside your blanket, with a cup of hot coffee and your favorite book every night seems to be the best thing to do instead of going out or sleeping

8. Most of your pocket money goes to fund your love for books

You barely spend your money on other things like food or dresses. Instead, it all goes in to buy your books and set up your book-shelves.

Okay, this habit can actually make others get irritated when they try to talk to you because you constantly want them to listen to your stories and you will do this even if they don’t want to listen or haven’t read the book yet.

So, if you are a bookworm then its really good. Happy reading!



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Manmeet Roy  •  4y  •  Reply
Thanks a lot !
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such an amazing article all those cozy words!