Signs Of Being In A Toxic Relationship

Manmeet Roy
Jun 18, 2019   •  49 views

It is often hard to distinguish between a healthy relationship and a toxic one. There are many reasons people still chose to stay in a toxic relationship because they can’t let go of their partners. Relationship means being in love. I always start with a happy feeling. You like everything about each other and their bad habits never bother you much. But a relationship becomes toxic when it starts harming your self-esteem, your happiness, your relation with others and make you feel alone and forced. There are many things that can turn any healthy relationships into toxic ones. The most common mistake we do is trying to fight for these toxic relationships. This not only hurts us but also breaks us internally. It damages us in the end. So holding on such a relationship is never an option you should opt for.

Some signs that show you might be in a toxic relationship are:


Small amounts of jealousy are necessary for a healthy relationship when it becomes excessive, you know its time to step back. It soon leads to the same old blame game. He might also end up blaming you for everything with no concrete reason.

Trust issues

If your partner doesn’t trust you, you shouldn’t be holding on to such a relationship. Your partner will start doubting you even regarding petty issues and you will soon get suffocated in such a relationship.

You are constantly being told you are wrong

When your partner thinks everything you say is wrong and corrects it every time. You feel like you are always wrong and it keeps harming your self-confidence.

They turn others against you

They make you distant from your friends and family and ask you to not talk to them or go out with them. In a way, they isolate you from all those who are close to you.

They drain your energy and spirit

They exhaust you to of your confidence and cheerful spirit. They make hurtful comments, taunts and criticize you all the time.

You have to lie occasionally

Instead of getting into a fight, you avoid talking to them about things that hurt you. You lie about your feelings and emotions mostly to not make your partner angry.

You always need to get their permission

For everything, you need their acceptance and permission. You cannot even go out with your friends without asking them first. That is the time when you should actually reconsider your decision of holding on to that relationship.

They try to control you and keep a check on you

They always want to check your phones, know where you are going, what are you doing and like everything. You don’t get your space or freedom. They always invade your personal space and try to control everything you do. This is not what a healthy relationship should be.

So if you are seeing these signs in your partner, you might be in a toxic relationship. If so, understand this and start letting go instead holding on to it.



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