A Student's Life Is Harder Than It Seems

Manmeet Roy
Jun 23, 2019   •  36 views

The student life is said to be the seed time of life. At this stage, the mind can be molded into any shape as one desires. That is why students life is said to be an important part of a man’s life. So much of care is taken about giving proper education. This education comprises not only learning from books but also proper training of the mind and heart and building up of character. For this, this first necessary thing is to fix upon a noble aim.

A student must remember that man is born with the spirit of God in him. So it is his duty to be true to Divine Spirit, to live and die nobly. The most important thing for this is the character- “The crown and glory of life.” To build it up a student should live a strictly disciplined life and never indulge in wicked thoughts. The next thing of importance is the acquiring of knowledge which is the secret of success. Students should study hard to acquire as much knowledge as possible, otherwise, they will feel quite helpless in the struggle of life and will underestimate themselves.

In the older times, the pupil usually lived in the house of his Guru(now known as a teacher). The strictly disciplined life, away from all evil influence helped his all round-training. But the majority of students now lived in society, bound with the complex forces of the modern world. They, therefore, have to be more alert about their studies. They have to serve not only themselves but also their society and country and for this, they must acquire knowledge and should possess the goodness of heart. In this way alone will they be true to themselves.

But they must not be in active politics, which is responsible for most of the ills. The student life is the time of preparation for the struggle ahead-not the time for an actual struggle. A student who follows these general principles is sure to make his mark in life.

In the end, we can say that a student’s life is getting really hard these days due to the increasing pressure of studies. But an ideal student is the one who is an all-rounder. He excels in both fields i.e, both in his studies and co-curricular activities. Although this is something not everyone can achieve what they can do is try their best. A student should give his best in everything he does and try to do things that make his parents feel proud.



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