A Healthy Mind Or A Healthy Body?

Manmeet Roy
Jun 26, 2019   •  38 views

Man is the only creature in the entire universe blessed with a body and a mind. It is what makes him the crown of creation. While a healthy body is necessary, but in the absence of a healthy mind, he is longer a human being, but more akin to an animal.

Not only does it make us a proper human being, but it also enables us to differentiate between what is good or bad, virtuous and evil. So insignificant is its contribution, that without it we cannot lead a happy life.

While the body is subject to aging, the mind is not. Thus a healthy person may become frail with the passage of time, grow old with age, but he becomes more mature, wiser and experienced. People come to him for advice and guidance.

Unlike the body, it is unaffected by fatigue and overwork. On the contrary, the more we use it, the more perfect it becomes. It helps us in imbibing more knowledge and learning new things which help us in leading more better and happier lives, as well as work for the welfare of our society. For as we all know “Knowledge is power”. This power if used properly can make us go much ahead in our lives. It is, therefore, not uncommon to find people of a frail constitution, managing the density of their countries. They hold sway over millions of otherwise well-bodied people.

Thus we can also to a great extent have a healthy influence over the people around us. At times so powerful is the impact, that we had Mahatma Gandhi who despite his frail constitution led the entire country to wage a war for independence. His approach of using non-violence and truth as a weapon shook the mighty British Empire. They were in mortal fear of this frail, semi-clad fakir as they called him and had to at concede independence. Similarly, we had Helen Keller, though being mute and dumb since birth, she led a normal life. This was by sheer dint of her will power endowed to her by a healthy mind. Thus she became a source f inspiration for even able-bodied men and women. It is hence evident, that a healthy mind, can more than makes up for a frail or even a challenged body.

So all-pervading is its impact on lives, that it molds our personality by making us more humane, loving, compassionate and caring. Thus endearing us to the people and society. A healthy mind is a happy stressfree mind, which is very important for people these days since most people are suffering from stress, anxiety issues, and depression. This deteriorates our physical health as well. Thus, we should focus more on having a good personality than a good physique.