Why Are We Women So Hard On Ourselves ?

Khushi B
Jul 02, 2019   •  39 views

That woman in the mirror.

When was the last time you reminded her that you love her?

With her scars, marks, pimples, wrinkles. All of it raw and natural.

Forgiven for all her mistakes, love for all her honest intentions and respected for all her bravery.

For that she is, a woman who wants acceptance, validation and just a little bit of confidence.

When was the last time you looked at that woman in the mirror and told her that you are proud of her?

Why are we women so hard on each other?

Is it a direct projection of how hard we are on ourselves?

'She is wearing too much makeup'

'her shoes are so tacky'.

Well, how does any of this even matter?

If she likes makeup, if she likes those shoes. How does it affect your life to the point where you need to shame her?

I have seen girls right from my school days being an elitist about beauty fashion and style.

But does it really set you apart to have that herd Instinct of wanting to be distinguished like that?!

Why can't we instead celebrate our beauty, our bodies and celebrate other women?

Do we forget how precious nature has made us? Your body can create life. It's a miracle. That needs to be cherished every single day.

And yet here we are worrying about tan and or pimple.

How can we call ourselves feminist when we don't respect the most magical things that we have, the gift of nature, a woman's body.

In psychology, we have a phenomenon called the fundamental error of attribution. Where we try to explain people's behavior on the basis of their personality traits. Therefore if a person has done some mistake we say it is because of who they are.

But interestingly we don't apply this on ourselves. When we try to justify our mistake we often blame the external factors.

For eg, when someone scores badly in their exam we are likely to say that they didn't study well, but when it comes to us we say that paper was hard. Therefore blaming the external factor.

This causes us to be hard on others.

It takes courage to believe that you are worthy of love.

To accept that you deserve somebody's loyalty, respect, and faith through thick and thin.

But if you don't have that talk yourself. If you aren't willing to bet in yourself, why should someone else?

Remember 'brave' is way better than a 'damsel in distress.'

Stop being so hard on yourself. Accept yourself. Make peace with yourself.

You are the only person you will live with for your whole life. So, if you can't accept and love yourself then who will?

Live and let live.

Appreciate others.