To The Generation That's Broken

Khushi B
Jun 28, 2019   •  47 views

"This broken generation is lying about waiting to be picked up and pieced back together, so let's pick it up and piece it back together. It's not too late to fix what's been messed up."

To the generation that's broken, disappointed, void and is suffering from aloneness. People with bleeding hearts, false hopes, love Triangles and never-ending wait for the ideal love of stories to be completed. Finding love in every face they see, every person they meet. It's like butterflies with broken wings in the jungle who tries to get their beauty back by sitting with the others. It doesn't happen like that. Hookup is not a solution, crying, regretting, hatred and waiting for others to help you out, is not the solution. Let it flow, let people reach you to try having a walk than a beer, talking than Hookup, try knowing the emotions than their body.

After knowing so many people, so many of your stories, it's not always true that you will get what you want, they may not even know about your love, your prayers for them, anxiety if they not seen online for days, your happiness to see them smile, your sleepless Nights just thinking about them, important dates on your tips, their friends, their love, their heartbreaks that hurt you more than it hurt them, but that's okay. Not everything is meant to be, not everyone needs to know about it even if it's the person himself.

Not all stories on social media are true. Stop envying people. Create your own imperfectly perfect story. Talk to them let them know about it, don't doubt yourself, they may just be waiting for someone just like you. Find peace with what is gone and find hope for the future. We all are broken in a Way Or Another. Love is much more than movies, dates and hook up. It's easier said than done. But get the courage and just let them know. Don't accept an acceptance from them just an assurance that you tried, so you won't regret later. If that separation was painful don't hold hatred for the person catch on a beautiful evening, share your feelings, let it out and let it at rest. Let them find someone, let your Someone find you and have a beautiful life. Be optimistic but don't poke people, if they said they didn't need you to believe them. Talk to them and move on, we all will have our someone it's just a matter of time..Travel

Get a pet. Write about them. Listen to your playlist. Don't just act to be happy and ok, if you are not then called a friend and talk about it. You are not supposed to be cool. We are supposed to be content, to be fulfilling. Try to have a face to face conversation with them. Try to hold hands than their waist and above all smile and believe you will have a great life. Just let it go and welcome every moment with open arms. We are falling apart and we are to blame but we can fix our own mistakes. We can fix this broken generation. It's ok if we have our stories still half written and waiting to be fulfilled. But don't be adamant on someone, they are humans too. Have a life and let them have theirs. Love isn't final, a broken heart isn't fatal. Stop allowing temporary pain to destroy you permanently, you still have a life to live. You always have love to give.



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It's more than amazing ❤️ so true🥰 so realistic ❣️
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Just amazing!
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