Problems With Today's Dating!

Khushi B
Jun 30, 2019   •  33 views

The problem with our generation is that they want others to love them, to love themselves. They feel worthless at the time they are single. They find the "single time" scary.

So as an escape they jump from one relationship to another.

They have set a parameter that when they have a romantic partner at that time only they are cool, worthy and feel loved.

And so they keep Finding the love outside which should come from within. Hence, they are not able to love themselves. And this is really messed up.

Because in order to mend themselves they end up breaking the other person too.

Most people go into relationships, looking for someone to "complete them" or to find their "missing piece" but ultimately we should go into a relationship already complete and not missing pieces.

That we are at what we can give, rather than what we can get.

"if you think what you can extract from your partner, your life would be a living hell. Think of what you can continue into their life."

Sure we can have problems but people become dependent on someone else for their happiness.

If we can get ourselves to where we love ourselves so much that it would not matter if we stayed single, then we are ready to share our already complete life with someone who is also complete.

Another problem is that while the person is dating someone they we can't be adults. As adults, we should be able to "be honest" with each other.

We should also be mature enough to realize that we are not going to click with everyone, everyone has their types, they are attracted to. If it's not you, it isn't personal, don't take that way.

You can't control attraction or if it's not there then be a grown up and be honest.

The whole ghosting thing and blocking people for no reason other than you are to be recovered, be honest, is ridiculous. If someone is not interested and is honest about it, maturely, I say thank you and wisdom luck because there will be 10 others who are interested."

I have my type so I don't want someone if I am not theirs. If everyone was attracted to everyone chemistry came easy, there be no single people.

Also at this age, you gotta realize that everyone has a lot of growing to do. Either you grow together or grow apart. And it's okay. You were meant to cross the path not walk it together.



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Priti Suna  •  1y  •  Reply
Every time I read your blog I feel, I was novice to relationship before reading this.
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