The hindu mythology can be considered as the most vast of all the mythologies in the world. With myths and tales, of over 33 crores Gods and Goddesses, Hindu mythology is a rich folklore. Apart from the Generator - organiser- destroyer (GOD) trilogy, another significant devta (lord) is Kamdev.

Who is Kamdev?

Kamdev, as per the popular folklore, is a handsome and sturdy man who is also the son of Lord Vishnu and Devi Laxmi. He is the Hindu God of human love and desire, specifically in terms of sexual desires, and is responsible for conducting normal reproductive process on earth by generating kamecha (sexual desire and lust) in not just human beings but also devtas, asuras and animals and married to Devi Rati who is the Goddess of human love and desire and helps her husband in maintaining the reproduction on earth.



Origin of Kamdev

Though, it's mentioned earlier that Kamdev is the son of Lord Vishnu and Devi Laxmi, but there are various thoughts about his birth and origin. Kamdev is associated with Lord Vishnu, infact, at some places, Vishnu is regarded as Kamdev himself. Another popular folklore about Kamdev associates him with Lord Brahma (the Generator). It is said that once Brahma was meditating and thinking about how to maintain life on earth. Eventually in the process, a young handsome man emerged from him heart, who was Kamdev. Brahma asked Kama to maintain and regulate the process of reproduction amongst humans as they themselves are unable to generate sexual arousal within themselves. Thinking about the role he has to play, Kamdev joined his hands and vanished instantaneously. Seeing this, Brahma lost his temper and in a fury of wrath, he cursed Kamdev that since he has insulted the Generator himself by not listening to him and vanishing into thin air, he would have to pay for his mistake. As a result, Kamdev will die soon. And he will be solely responsible for his end. Listening to the curse, Kamdev pleaded Brahma to forgive him and reverse his curse. But it's evident that once a curse is spoken, it cannot be reversed. So Brahma gave him a vardan that he will stay in the universe and will keep on regulating reproduction in society, though he might face severe consequences because of the curse. Brahma even told Kamdev that he will be found in women's hair, sarcastic remarks, flowers, and vasant hritu (spring season). In another legend it was said that a prajapati (king) named Dharma was born from Brahma's right side of chest and he had three sons Sama, Kama and Harsha. In some versions, Kamdev emerges from the mind of Brahma.

Powers, duties and importance of Kamdev

Kamdev is bestowed with the main duty of arousing sexual desires in human beings. Just like Eros and Cupid, Kamdev is Hindu God of sex and reproduction. Kamdev has the power of showering lustful desires upon sages, Gods, demons and humans for maintaining the reproductive process and life cycle in the universe.



Weapons and Mantra

His weapon is a sugarcane bow and arrows made of flowers, popularly called as the pushpa dhanush and pushp bana. Kamdev makes use of five kinds of flowers for his arrows and each floral arrow is meant for a different function ranging from physical attraction to mental and soulful attachments to activation of sexual lust. He is important for proper functioning of society and the universe. His vahan (vehicle) is a green parrot upon which he sits and looks like a handsome angel with golden wings and flies to shower the sexual desires and attributes of human love all over the world. Kamdev is considered an important devta in Hindu mythology. htt, not only will the person be able to stay with its beloved throughout life but also will gain access to all the beauties of the world which are powerful enough of attracting the members of opposite sex. He is worshipped during the season of Spring especially during Holi festival.



Kamdev and Shiva

It was the time after demise of Devi Sati, the wife of Mahadev Shiva, who was mourning the loss of his beloved partner. He was raging in furious wrath and even beheaded Devi Sati's father Prajapati Daksh. However, after coercion he replaced his head with that of a stag and made him alive. Lord Vishnu convinced Mahadev to let go of this loss and move ahead as his presence and blessings are needed for efficient functioning of the orderly system of the world. Henceforth, Lord Vishnu cut Devi Sati's body into 52 pieces and spread them across Indian subcontinent, where her temples were built. Mata Sati at the time of her suicidal demise gave a vardan to her younger sister, Devi Maina that she will be the reincarnation of her daughter Parvati who will then marry Shiva.

Now after everything was said and done, Shivji went to the Himalayas and seeked residence into a cave where he meditated for several years. In the meantime, Devi Maina married Maharaja Himavan (Himalayan mountain) and gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Parvati. Eventually Mata Parvati went to the cave and started serving Mahadev. The devtas too wanted both Shiv and Parvati to reunite as the world was facing the torture of demon king Tarkasura, who can be killed only by the son of Shiv and Parvati.Thus, to steady the process, the devta king, Devraj Indra went to his friend Kamdev and persuaded him to ignite the sexual desires and feelings of attraction for Mata Parvati into the heart of Lord Shiva. Although, Devi Rati was adamant to not let her husband go with Indra but he convinced her that Kamdev will be fine and this is to be done for the sake of benefit of mankind. When Kamdev and Indra went near the cave, Kamdev shot his mohak teer (arrow of physical attraction) at Mahadev's heart. However, nothing happened to Shiva as not only he is capable of controlling his senses but his years of meditation has provided a rigidity to that resistance. Consequently, however, Mahadev was very furious upon this act of Kamdev and opened his third eye only to consume him into his fiery wrath. When Devi Rati got to know about her husband's demise, she began weeping loudly and started blaming Indra for her husband's death. All the devtas have gathered on the scene by then. Upon hearing the cries, Mata Parvati came out of the cave and was narrated the incidents from her past life by Lord Vishnu and she recalled herself as Sati and got few of her powers. On insistence by Devi Rati, Mata Parvati resurrected the dead Kamdev but only in an invisible form and gave Rati the boon that only she will be able to see her husband. This led to Kamdev being called by the name of Anang (without body).



Reincarnation of Kamdev

Lord Krishna's son, Pradyumna is said to be reincarnation of Kamdev on earth. A popular relic states that when Pradyuman was born, he fell into a river where a mighty fish swallowed him. Incidentally, the same fish as brought to Krishna's kitchen. Upon knowing this, Devi Rati, in the disguise of a cook, came and cut the fish into two and saved little Pradyumna. She brought him up like a mother. When Pradyuman grew up into a handsome man, as Kamdev, she made him remember his past life and married him.



Quick facts about Kamdev

Just a brief crux on the main facts about Kamdev.

  • Kamdev was the son of Lord Vishnu and Devi Laxmi.

  • Some relics even believe that Kamdev emerges from the mind of Brahma.

  • Others state that Kamdev was one of the three sons of Prajapati Dharma, who emerged from right chest of Brahma.

  • Kamdev was married to Devi Rati.

  • His weapons include a sugarcane bow and arrows made of flowers.

  • His vehicle is a green parrot.

  • His popular mantra , klin mantra, is said to have powers required to attract opposite sex.

  • Kamdev is worshipped during spring season especially at the time of Holi.

  • Kamdev, while trying to arouse the feelings of desire in Shiva, got consumed by his wrath when shiva opened his third eye.

  • Kamdev was resurrected by Mata Parvati in an invisible form and is called Anang.

  • Krishna's son Pradyumna is said to be the reincarnation of Kamdev.



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