Durga, a symbol of love, affection, motherhood, power, devotion, knowledge, and everything. Durga is everything and everything is Durga. But Durga is also an avatar of Mata Parvati. When Parvati turns ferocious, she is Durga. In Shrimad Devi Bhaagwat, Mata has depicted herself in different forms and avatars. Each avatar has its own importance, each name symbolises a different avatar and each name has its own significance. It is because of the different swaroops (avatars) of Mata mentioned in Shrimad Devi Bhagwat that a special chain of her names has developed. By chanting these names, one is filled with unmatched positive energy and peace.


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Following are those famous and peaceful 108 names of Mata along with their importance, chanting which will calm your soul.

  1. Sati:- Mata Sati was the daughter of Prajapati Daksha. She is a symbol of marital love and longevity. She also symbolises that a women is not dead even after burnt.


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  1. Saadhvi:- Mata Saadhvi is the messenger of peace and positivity.

  2. Bhavpreeta:- Mata Bhavpreeta is a huge devotee of shiva.

  3. Bhawaani:- Mata Bhawani has eight arms. She is bold and strong. She is called bhawaani because she resides in the brahmaand (the universe).

  4. Bhavmochini:- Mata Bhavmochini liberates her children from all the boundations and invalid restrictions on soul.

  5. Aarya:- Devi Aarya is prayed in the sanatana dharma

  6. Durga:- Mata Durga is the symbol of audacity, bravery and fearlessness. She got her name as durga because she killed a very power demon , named , durg.


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  1. Jaya:- Mata Jaya is the goddess of victory. Praying mata jaya will give you victory in every field.

  2. Aadhyashakti:- Devi Aadhyashakti is a huge follower of dharma and killed all those who went againt dharma.

  3. Trinetra:- As the name suggests, Mata Trinetra has three eyes. Like shiva, mata trinetra too can bhasm anyone.


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  1. Shooldharini:- Literally meaning one who has held a needle as her weapon. Mata shooldharini gives painful punishments to asuras; punishments as painful, it seems infinite needles have been pricked into the body.

  2. Pinaakdharini:- Pinaak is the name of Shiva’s dhanusha (Shiva’s bow). Devi Pinaakdharini has held Shiva’s Pinaak and his Trishul in her hands.

  3. Chitra:- Mata Chitra is very beautiful. She draws paintings and pictures of Lord Shiva.

  4. Chandraghanta:- Mata Chandraghanta, as the name suggests, uses ghantas or bells in warfield to destroy her enemies from loud and pious sound of ghanta. It is said that if while praying, we too uses the bell or the ghanti, mata will bless us immensely.


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  1. Mahaatapaa:- Devi Mahaatapaa sins melodious bhajanas to calm soul and body.

  2. Mainkairoop:- Devi Mankairoop explains the difference between good and evil.

  3. Buddhi:- Mata Buddhi gives her devotees inner salvation.

  4. Ahankaara:- Mata Ahankaara destroys ego, overconfidence and follows the path of dharma.

  5. Chittrupa:- Mata Chittrupa resides in the thoughts of an individual. She makes us meet with our true and real self.

  6. Chita:- Mata Chita is a symbol of deathbed.

  7. Chiti Chetna:- Mata Chiti Chetna gives her devotees consciousness and power of sound thinking.

  8. Sarvamatramayi:- Mata Sarvamantramayi has knowledge of all the mantras, which she teaches to all her devotees.

  9. Satta:- Mata Satta is above all the gods and goddesses. She is prayed by kings to always be on the top, to be above all.

  10. Satyanadaswaroopini:- Mata Satyanandaswaroopini is a symbol of true joy and happiness. She teaches her devotees the value of truth and happiness.

  11. Sudha:- Devi Sudha is the goddess of elixir. She is amrit mata.

  12. Bhaawini:- Mata Bhaawini produces everything in the universe.

  13. Bhaavyaa:- Devi Bhaavyaa gives her devotees, the satisfaction of dhyana yoga.

  14. Bhavya Shakti:- Mata Bhavya Shakti blesses us and our house with happiness.

  15. Abhavya:- Nothing in this universe, is as pure as Devi Abhavya.

  16. Sadaagati:- Mata Sadaagati is always in motion. She teaches good manners to all and always shows the right path.

  17. Shaambhavi:- Devi Shaambhavi is the beloved of shiva. Shaambhavi means wife of shambhu. She is a symbol of never ending love.

  18. Devmata:- Mata Devmata is the mother of all devtas.she nurtures the universe and guides all devtas to be responsible and courteous towards their respective and assigned roles.

  19. Chinta:- Mata Chinta resolves all the worries and tensions of the good and is a tension for the evil. She helps the good and teaches evil a lesson.

  20. Ratnapriya:- Mata Ratnapriya loves jewels and ornaments. This avatar of mata is really beautiful to look at. She is decorated with different ornaments and jewels.

  21. Sarvavidhyasharda:- Mata Sarvavidhyasharda is a symbol of true knowledge. She has the knowledge about everything.

  22. Dakhshakanya Parvati:- Mata Dakshakanya Parvati or Devi Parvati is the reincarnation of Mata Sati. She is daughter of Prajapati Daksha.


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  1. Dakshayagya Vinashinee:- Mata Dakshayagya Vinashinee is also Mata Sati. When Sati jumped into Dakshs’s yagya and destroyed it by burning herself alive, she was named as Dakshyagya Vinashinee.

  2. Aparna:- Devi Aparna is a true tapaswini. She impressed everyone with her tapasaya. She did not even consumed leaves during her tapasya.

  3. Anekvarnaa:- Devi Ankevarnaa is the one who loves different colours.

  4. Paatla Durga:- Mata Patla Durga loves red colour. She is usually seen in red attire. She depicts amazing lalima and is a symbol of love and warmth.

  5. Paatlavati:- Devi Paatlavati wears ornaments of red flowers, especially roses.

  6. Pattambharparidhana:- Devi Pattaambarparishana is the one who wear dresses and attire of silk fabric.

  7. Kal Manjeer Ranjini:- Mata Kal Manjeer Ranjini loves and plays melodious music. She wears payals that too make rhythmic melody.

  8. Amey Vikrama:- Mata Amey Vikrama has no limit in killing asuras (demons). She petrifies the demons with her loud, scary laughs.

  9. Krura:- Mata Krura is one of the harshest avatars of Mata. Nobody tries to make mata krura angry as her wrath can dissolve anybody.


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  1. Sundari:- Mata Sundari is the goddess of beauty. She has the most beautiful smile.

  2. Sur Sundari:- Mata Sur Sundari is the most beautiful among all the gods and goddesses.

  3. Vandurga:- Mata Vandurga is the goddess of forests. She is prayed by the sages, animals and birds, humans and all other creatures of the forests.

  4. Maatangi:- Mata Maatangi is one of the ten mahavidhyas of Mata Kali. She is considered as impure and inauspicious. Pollution is associated with her. She is an outcast.


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  1. Maatangmuni Pujita:- Mata Maatangmuni Pujita is prayed by Baba Maatang. She is a symbol of true belief.

  2. Braahmi:- Mata Braahmi is the female version of Lord Brahma. She is present in all directions.

  3. Maheshwari:- Mata Maheshwari is the female version of Lord Shiva.

  4. Aindree:- Mata Aindree is the female version of Devraj Indra.

  5. Kaumaaree:- Mata Kaumaaree is the female version of Devsenapati and son of Shiva and Parvati, Kartikeya. She is prankish and sweet.

  6. Vaishnavi:- Mata Vaishnavi rides Garuda as her vahana. She is the female version of Vishnu.

  7. Chaamunda:- Mata Chaamunda killed evil asura brothers named Chand and Mund.


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  1. Varaahee:- Mata Varaahee is the protector of earth. She has a face of varaha (boar) and also travels on a boar as her vaahan. She gives peace to mind.

  2. Purushaakriti:- Devi Purushaakriti has the physical features and powers similar to a man.

  3. Vimla:- Mata Vimla cleans and purifies the souls and bodies of all living beings and gives happiness to all.

  4. Lakshmi:- Mata Lakshmi is wife of Lord Vishnu. She is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.


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  5. Uttarkashini:- Devi Uttarkashini gives beauty to all.

  6. Gyaanaa:- Mata Gyaanaa is a true guru. She is filled with true knowledge.

  7. Kriya:- Mata Kriya teaches vidhi vidhaan and is present in all the works.

  8. Nitya:- Devi Nitya is a symbol of never ending, stable form of shakti i.e., never ending power.

  9. Buddhidha:- Mata Buddhidha gives knowledge of vedas.

  10. Bahulaa:- Mata Bahulaa is present in various forms. She is responsible for maintaining and managing pran sanchar (circulation of life).

  11. Bahula Prema:- Devi Bahula Prema showers amar prem and is loved by all.

  12. Sarvavaahan:- Devi Sarvavaahan is the one who travels on all vaahans (vehicles).

  13. Nishumbha Shumbha Haarinee:- Mata Nishumbha Shumbha Haarinee killed evil asura brothers Nishumbha and Shumbha.

  14. Mahishasur Mardinee:- Mata Mahishasur Mardinee killed evil asura Mahishasura.


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  1. Madhukaitabha Hantree:- Mata Madhukaitabha Hantree killed evil asura brothers Madhu and Kaitabha.

  2. Chandmund Vinaashinee:- Mata Chandmunda Vinashinee killed Chand Mund.

  3. Sarvasura Vinaashinee:- Mata Sarvasura Vinashee killed all demons.

  4. Sarvadaanava Ghaatinee:- Mata Sarvadaanava Ghaatinee has the power to attack all demons at once.

  5. Sarvashastra Mayi:- Devi Sarvashastra Mayi has the knowledge of all the shastras.

  6. Satya Satya Swaroopdevi:- Mata Satya Satya Swaroopdevi has acknowledged param satya.

  7. Sarvaastra Dhaarini:- Mata Sarvaastra Dharini has held possession of all the weapons.

  8. Anekaastra Hastaa:- Devi Anekaastra Hasta has many weapons in all her hands.

  9. Anekaastra Dhaarini:- Devi Anekaastra Dharini has held possession of many weapons.

  10. Kumaari:- Devi Kumaari is a beautiful maiden.

  11. Aikkanya:- Mata Aikkanya is a young girl. This form of mata was first identified by Adi Shankracharya.

  12. Kaishori:- Devi Kaishori represents the youth of Mata.

  13. Yuvti:- Devi Yuvti represents Mata as a young girl who loves shringaar.

  14. Yati:- Devi Yati is a tapaswini. She does saadhna and teaches dharma.

  15. Aphroudha:- Mata Aphroudha can never get old. She also explains the ill effects of foolishness.

  16. Proudha:- Mata Proudha is the older form of mata. She also explains the importance of education.

  17. Vriddhmata:- Mata Vriddhmata is a weak and feeble form of Mata in her old age. She explains the concept of age cycle.

  18. Bal Prada:- Mata Balprada has strongest arms. She is a symbol of intense power.

  19. Mahodaree:- Devi Mahodaree handles the functioning of universe.

  20. Muktkeshi:- Mata Muktkeshi dances and laughs with her hair open.

  21. Ghor Rupa:- Mata Ghor Rupa is a symbol of jwala (intense fire). She seems dangerous to even look at.

  22. Mahabalaa:- Mata Mahabalaa is symbol of great power. No one in the universe can stand in front of her.

  23. Agnijwala:- Mata Agnijwala is as fierce and fiery as fire. She can also control fire.

  24. Raudramukhee:- Mata Raudramukhee has a ferocious and angry face.

  25. Kaal Ratri:- Mata Kaal Ratri is as dark as night.


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  1. Tapasvinee:- Mata Tapasvinee impressed everyone with her tapasyaa.

  2. Narayani:- Mata Narayani is the female verion of lord narayana.

  3. Bhadrakali:- Mata Bhadrakali is the most dangerous form of mata kali.


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  1. Vishnumaya:- Mata Vishnumaya is the representation of magic of lord vishnu.

  2. Jalodari:- Devi Jalodari has her abode underneath water.

  3. Shivduti:- Mata Shivduti is the royal messenger of Lord Shiva.

  4. Karaali:- Mata Karaali is very violent form of Mata.

  5. Ananta:- Devi Ananta is the one who is immortal.

  6. Parmeshwari:- Devi Parmeshwari is the first Devi amongst all goddesses.

  7. Kaatyaayni:- Mata Kaatyaayni is the daughter of Rishi Kaatyaayan.


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  1. Savitri:- Devi Savitri is the daughter of Surya Dev. She is greatest among all satis.

  2. Pratyakshaa:- Mata Pratyakshaa is a true and real form of Mata.

  3. Brahmavaadinee:- Mata Brahmavaadinee is the one who stays everywhere in the present time.

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