It is a best habit to say “Thank you and sorry” when required , to the youngest or the eldest.What if I don’t say a “Thanks”? It is a basic courtesy to thank someone when he/she helps you, and even to unknown people. It might even turn as a blessing tomorrow.That is the reason I am saying this and I would like to thank many. Therefore, I use this golden opportunity to thank everyone.


First and foremost I would like to thank the Lord Almighty to giveme a life with my wonderful parents without any physical or mental disabilities. Giving me food to eat,clothes to wear, shelter to live, education and lot more,He has made my life perfect.So, I want to thank Him for everything. When I see people with excessive luxuries in life, I always get angry with you. Now, when I had the opportunity to visit a place for differently abled kids, I understood that we can earn luxuries by smart work, hard work and education.I do agree that there are many fields of science and technology growing in this era, but artificially placed there are so many difficulties present in it.

Never end your day without thanking God for all the things that happened in your day. They all are lessons to be learnt for our better survival.


My dear parents, I really cannot complete by just saying a word “Thank you”. You both have been my motivators, mentors and my support system.Both of you have bared all atrocities done by me. I have hurt both of you so many times unknowingly and knowingly. But you two were kind enough to forgive me.

I would really like to express my sincere love and gratitude towards you both for being with me and I am sure you will stay with me for ever.


I am really fortunate to see them before my eyes and got a chance to play with them. They were also equally supporting and caring me when I needed.

Thank you so much.


“Teachers are surrogate mothers”-This I have experienced with own life. My school and college is my second home. In both the places, I had a very loveable teachers and professors, who were able to understand my thoughts without saying it loudly and guide me to embark upon the correct path. If I am able to do so much today, it is because of my teachers and professors.

I would like to thank each and every teacher, who took care of me and made me feel safe.


I would also like to thank my brother , who would always encourage me to walk in this competitive world with better ideas for my upliftment. Constantly asked me to work so that I become a better version of myself. Though, not from the same womb, we are connected by hearts.

Thanks a lot for being into my life, I would always take pride to say that, I will also try to become like you.

Frien ds

I have a very good friends circle, who have constantly motivated me to do my work. Whenever I had a fall, they were there to say,” Never think too much. Just accept and move on”.When I got into Engineering, I was not feeling good.

My friend said ,“ We know how muchyou work, I am 100% sure, you will taste success.” When I had to travel alone, all of my friends messaged me, “Please do message when you reach” Then I realisedthat I how my friends care for me.

Thank you friends.I will never forget the love and care you flowered upon me.

I would like to extend my warm regards to many of my relatives, who have always supported me and never hesitated to help me.

Lastly, there are many whom I haven’t thanked yet. Thank you all so much for your affection and concern. I will never forget anyone’s help, care, motivational and encouraging words.

Once again, I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for being into my life and teaching me what is life.



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thank you charmy
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nice work
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Thank you meenakshi
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Well said 👍