Love is the best feeling ever which can’t be felt in any other relationship !

As days passed things went wrong proving the famous statement “ time changes people “ even if they are just beside you ! ..He got addicted to that place and the people there .He literally had no time to check up on Pooja ..He became very very busy with his studies and the friends .Every girl would wish to spend some quality time with his better half , even though he didnt remove time for her ; she still didnt react much on him or insulted him with harsh words .She just accepted him as he is , accepted his flaws , his mistakes , his imperfections , she just longed for his love , care , concern , time and most importantly affection towards her .That’s how she managed him even when he is busy with his work ..

Here comes one more twist Suresh once had a girlfriend named Haritha during his days ...He conveyed about her to Pooja ...Even though she felt cheated by him at starting , later on she accepted the fact that everyone will have a past and forgived him ..This move of her made him fall for her one more time [his ex united them once more :) ] ..They finally felt that they need to inform their parents about their love , and they at last informed there parents ..As every Indian parents wont accept the love of their children ! same happened in case of Pooja and Suresh’s love story ..Do you people want to know the reason behind it ? ok I will confess that ..Pooja’s mother didnt like Suresh. Both of them belong to different caste communities and this became the major problem for their love .....

For the first time this concept of intercaste brought so many differences between them and that’s how every relationship gets shattered:( .....Even though there are differences between them their hearts still beat for each other happiness ..... If one sacrifices everything (even love ) only for your happiness is beyond anything and that's a true blessing cam can receive !.In a same way Pooja and Suresh sacrified each other love for each others happiness and most importantly for their parents happiness ...They stillcheck up on each other till today ! Pooja looked at him as a friend until she realised she loved him but still she continued to look at him as a true friend as it is hard to convince her parents ( Because she always dreamt that her parents should be happy and this thing shouldn’t break their heart )...That’s how the unscripted love story started and still continuing ( continuing as friends ) .. The are more than friends but less than a couple.

Love is not about being with each other all the time and caring each other in every aspect .Its much more than you expect .Love is all about living for each others happiness , and which don’t play with others happiness ( family ) ...Its all about understanding each others situations , like Pooja did when Suresh was going through tough situations and when he even forgot her during Bangalore days ...still she didnt give up on him , not even their love ...She stayed calm and waited with utmost patience ...May be this is called love ! ... Hope they find better routes in their life to live happily forever and ever ..Hope things have worked your way ! ......

My dear readers please wait for the correct person . The one you choose may not be liked by your parents , then why to trouble them with your love ?? and why to betray the personyou love just because of your parents ?? .Parents does N numberof things to you from childhood itself .When they are doing so much for you to stay happy , then why can’t you just do a small thing for their happiness ? They take up so many responsibilities for you , what’s wrong in giving them your marriage responsibility and the right to do your marriage with their hands ? aren’tthey worthy enough to take up ?? ..Think once !!