“The Fundamental Of Caring? ”

Kavita Sharma
May 31, 2019   •  159 views

This Paul Rudd starrer Netflix movie has imoked some serious thought’s in the tiny mind of mind. So the theme of this movie revolves around a care giver who lost his son is working with a handicapped teen. And it is fule of so many emotions. But I really liked the “redemption” and “sense of humor” the most which has been the best features of this movie.

The redemption part seeps in when its seems that the men is teaming him self for the death of his son and some how trying so seek redemption by doing something goods by other. Maybe this should be the universal protocol of seeking forgiveness from our own selves. We do good to others and treat them well and hope to be foregivenfor own mistakes. Selena Gomez, the renowned singer and actor has played the lead in this movie. This movie is loved by every generation of audience and very funny, heart warming and has many memorable characters which have touched the hearts of people watching this movie. Performances are very solid with sharp and genuine humours. This movie has been funny with all the sadness covering it.

I think it’s one of the most fascinating human emotions , to be able to help someone and take some burden off of their shoulders to make other people happy and cheer ful in every way. To affect someone’s life in a good way is a great thing. Some people say , that sometimes redemption isn’t possible, that the burden keeps on increasing.

And I believe they are those who’s ever helped someone in a bad time. There’s this other part which keeps you smiling throughout, it’s theway of boy finds humor in almost every thing. Especially his illness. Every act of him is very really nice and eye catching and heartedly loved by all. Every big and small steps are very bright. Story line is very good and touched billions and millions of hearts.

This process so many facts .It’s all about our reaction to our problems. Maybe there is no problem at all. Maybeit’s all in our head . By laughing in difficult times, we may not be solving anything but atleast, we are enjoying everything. So we just have to make our lives cheerful and we even have to smile in our bad times and even in difficult situations. Happiness is the best way to tackle the biggest of the biggest problems in our life.

These small heart – touching stories inspire me so much . Maybe they aren’t a big phenomena trending all over the world but they bring change into someone’s lives and in the end, that’s all that counts. I advise everyone to watch this movie atleast once in a life because it could change your prespective towards your life.