No two individuals be alike which meansthere must be a little bit difference among the individuals. It could be in any term that is quality or quantity. They may go on two different paths, one is of a leader and another one of followers. Leadership is the earliest thing found in our history. It is a good quality of a person an it is almost a will to lead to other people for a common purpose. We have withnessed a lot of leaders in history, some are bad and some are good. It is only because of the other good qualities they possess. So these are the qualities that aleader must possess.


A leader should be intelligent and smart enough to handle the team or his followers. He must have solutions to even worst of the worst situations. He should handle everything smoothly and without creating a scene. Intelligence is a boon quality for a leader. An intelligent leader always gets success and never fail. Intelligency plays na imporatant role in making a god leader. A leader must have good intelligency powers.


A leader in any fileld must be decisive which mean that he must have capacity to decide various decisions spontaneously. This is the best quality of an excellent leader. And it is the basic requirement to be a good leader. Decision making has been one of the best quality of a human nad even of a leader. It depends on him what decision he takes in different conditions nad even in different situations. So many things deopend on the decision making power of a good leader.


A leader must be affectionate towards his team nad must maintain a friendly relation with them. Both of them are the vital qualities of a good leader. He or she must have a good realtiom with the people subordinates to him and he must maintain a frank or friendly relation with them. So that every one of them could share their problems without any hesitation to their assigned leaders of the team which leads to a great success of the firm, business or sometimes even in the politics. Friendly realtion is the best quality of a good leader.


All the good leaders are creators of one or other thing and they even researched and invent a lot of things which becomea boon for the whole society. So leaders must produce good nad creative techniques or ideas that are needed in their respective fields. He must be capable of behaving in critiacal situations nad must use his or her creative ideas according to the problem facing by him or her. Creativity is the another best quality of a leader.


A good leader must be dedicated and determined towards his work and must be energetic all the time. So that he would remain stress free. Worst situations could be easily tackled by the good leaders. Firm determination is another good quality of a leader. He should be determined and dedicated towareds the work provided to him. A good leader never make excuses and always finds the solutions to the biggest problems with his or her sharp and clever mind.

With all these qualities, a good leader should be social, moral, logical, loyal, good orator etc. And he must have good motor capacity with good health which leads him towards becoming a good leader to his firm or nation.