Netflix has a large number of web series and movies which are loved by its viewers. Jessica Jones, Rim of the world, Intruders, The Adventures of Sabrina, Despite Everything etc are some famous movies on Netflix. Murder mYstery which is a Netflix original movie is released before few days. This movie is filled with a lot of drama and mystery. It covers emotional parts in a humorous way.

Jeniffer Aniston, the famous actress played the female protagonist role followed by Adam Sandler who played the male lead role in the film. Both of them played charming roles. The whole story revolves around them. They are the couple in the movie who are struggling with the different marriage issues and somehow decided to went on a honeymoon after 15 years of their marriage. The lady met a billionaire on a jet and they went with him on a yacht for the marriage ceremony of his uncle. The story is humorously filled with a lot of comedy scenes.

They have been enjoying there until a murder took place and they become the prime suspects of that murder. After that, a series of murder took place and they have been found everywhere the murders happened. Police want to arrest them, and they flew from the yacht and try to solve the mystery on their own. They use their intelligence to solve the case and instead of playing the victim card and fearing from the situation, they challenged it and fought like warriors.

The story is very interesting and filled with a lot of comedy scenes. The movie was pretty good and it was based on the novel of Agatha Christie named Murder on the orient express. The movie is loved by the viewers and trending on Netflix now. The plot of the story is very nice and the script is also superb.

This movie is also criticised by the viewers due to the fake humour used by the female lead Jeniffer Aniston. Some people even criticised the acting done by other actors. According to them, humour is forcibly inserted where it is not needed. The movie is very interesting and reaching the heights and getting likes from the viewers. So if you have not watched it yet, then download Netflix and start watching. Don't miss the suspense. And know who's the actual killer in the movie.

If you've watched the movie, then mention your favourite scenes in the comment box.



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