MAY 27,2019

IS Honesty the best policy ?

Honesty is the best policywhich means that being honest with the various people in their life. Honesty helps other to always be faithful to us nad trust on us and show them our real character which is almost enough to them to know that we always tell the truth. Always becoming a trustworthy to others even helps us to build a good relationship by making an assurance to the others about our good nature of being trust worthy. Similarly, some dishonest people never get another chance when tell lie to other people once in their life. For a better and happy relationship, honesty plays an imortant part in their life.

It happens only because some persons thought that they would always be deceived or cheated in the future by the most people who are dishonest through lots of non colourful and the black and white lives.

Often in life, we are faced with the dilemma of choosing between right or wrong, between true or false, between honesty or whatever the ‘easy out’ is. What do we do then? Are we actually honest? Do we sugarcoat honesty to the point that it was better off as a lie?

All these times , we thought of the people of on the receiving ends of our statements , our actions, say ,a girl who is dying asks you if sheis looking ugly. The first insenctto go about is lying to her and making her feel the best and most beautiful.

So where did the honesty go then , you did that because you know the girl was dying and didn’t deserve any more hasshness from life. But if the situations reverse and you ask a dying person an imposant question ,these are a good number of chances that you’ll hear the most brutal truth there is. And that is because people who are dying know that a life lived under a mel of lies is no life at all.

And that’s the reason why older people are the meanest some times, its all about knowing how much of time you have left here and how do you want to spend it ? That’s how, most of young kids fall into the trap of problems that shouldn’t have existed in the first place had they been totally honest about them self.

Who required honesty most of all ? Is it our family or may be perhaps our teachers ? But none of them need it as much as your own self . Accepting your self in time of downs is the hardest thing to do but it is the only way through too. If we are down rightle honest with our self, then they is always a lighter head on top of our bodies. Being honest or is honesty is the best policy is an area of a critical thinking now adays.

So, I don’t know if honesty is the best police not but I do know that to live a life in which you are happy about every thing you do, to be with some of the truest people, there’s only one way to go about it; the hardest one- but the best one – being honest”.