Some times, just some times, when you see something tranding on the internet, you feel left out, this year, crazy things “are happening , it is like those rumours of the world ending in 2012. And i am still writing in 2019 that means either this is hell (which seems more realistic) or that was fake news. Option to seems the most acknowledge one now people’s honesty is being tested on a daily bases now- a- days any many of them choose the “Hashtag” way above the honest way. We never know whom we could hurt with our opinions but we have to must give our honest and the best opinion to everyone around us. It could be for our friends and for our relatives or even for our enemies too, but it must be honest.

People going mad after avengers end game end the last of season of game of thrones has what made this the top topic. Okay, we get it, people do like these things but obsessing so toomuch over things and ruining it for other people toois the worst thing and people should avoid it always in their life and stick to the honest opinions in their lives. Same happens for some movies amnd sometimes even for the different webseries, serials, tv, sitcoms etc. When the review is out and its not appreciated much, it get trolled to some deep levels and that have many good and bad consequences with it. On the other hand people who are working to make things happen on such a huge scale deserve some respect or atleast acknowledgements.

This new era is not about being happy, it is mostly about ruining other people’s happiness too. So is all for an instagram picture or viral content that is the end goal of the every action. People make rumours about anything and everythinfg woithout having it a sense and they never care for a second opinion about it and they are really scared of the honest opinion, which could be provided to them by the others. Why are people so lent upon shaving of ? May be because other’s are too and majority of this world is a follower and not a leader. The fear on being the odd one out or “FOMO” keep as at our toes and it is destroying many people's career and their lives too in a different manner which is some times non forseenable and could lead to the worst consequences.

But at the end of the day, just when we are about the shut our eyes off ; for a second we look back at our day and realise that we have lost the “real” us in the process of showing the world out reality and we must face every thing with a brave heart and even with a fresh start. Nothing ends with time, everything has a starting. So one muzst forget about the worst endings and focus on the fresh and good startings in their so called lives.

Every writer presents with a solution and hopes to see changes happening around him but I wan’t do that because who knows, some one might question my honesty. So you all should make this as your best quality, stop questioning others honesty and their honest opinions and start having your honest opinion. So if you like my honest opinion, comment your honest opinion about it in the comments and do give a like on it.