Nano obligates tagged corona.,

Sticking to carrier.,

From in-vitro ,stretches invivo.,

Striking the red light of life.

Rumours like forestfire.,

The voice of curfew roars.

The "quarantine" from dictionary.,

gets life spontaneously.

The bricks and distance,

Guard the lives from being a prey

to the uninvited predator -the virus.

Leaving the top consumer to wonder the science.,

the countries look down on disease status

Rather than the economy!

The medicos gather mass energy.,

Once accumulated by em

For the diseased need em.

The biotechies in silent wave.,

Goes down the lane of drug,

the miraculous drug to save max.

The sun shower rays.,

the hearts wait for the fall to exit.


The alarm goes off.,

marking the safe zone.,

Adding value to the quarantine.

The species steps outta home.,

the gracias home.,

the spring greets em!

The cardio excites breathing in the fresh air.,

grateful for all the compassions.,

Homo sapiens ,united.,

hands interwined.,

Hearts filled with waterfall of joy.,

rains victory in the war against the so called deadly corona!

Guess what??

The history is proud of it!

#one of a kind.!