The girl I am in my head has got it all sorted.
She says the right things and does the right stuff.
Chooses head over heart and keeps her emotions in place.
Her face never loses a smile,
her hair always smell fine and if at all provoked,
counting one to ten actually works for her.
The girl in my head works without a break,
talks with the right pauses,
and when thought of perfection,
she is the first one to be associated.

But here's the truth. The girl in my head, in reality, is nothing like the girl I am.

The girl I am laughs too hard and cries too often.
She loves too much and sometimes gets her heart broken.
Her head is full of ideas but she's often a mess,
spends some days worrying too much and her nights putting them in a phrase.

She sometimes loses her strength,
cannot always put up a fight, at times loses her temper,
but always stands for what is right.
The girl I am has crooked teeth and often forgets to brush her hair,
sleeps too much, talks too loud, has barely got her future sorted.

But as it turns out,
I am beginning to like this one a lot more than the one in my head. :)



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Mahesh Nath  •  4y  •  Reply
After reading ur article i think the girl in ur mind is more like a puppet who don't know how to live for hrslf. On the othr side this sweet lil girl in reality who laughs too hard without bothering abt her crooked teeth, sleeps too much, forgets to comb her hair, talks loud is the prfct girl by seeing whom the life itself must b enjoying. Now this girl started to like herslf and i hope one day she will love hrslf :)