Of Flashbacks And Memories: A Poem

Kanika Singla
Jun 09, 2019   •  73 views

Dear friend,
The one I lost long ago,
I still dream of rescripting that day.
The day when there was much,
You could say.
Life is really going fine,
With all the newfound friends of mine.
But when peace takes over the noise,
At 2 a.m., when darkness embraces my world,
The heart craves for a hue,
Of none other, but you.
Why did you not voice,
Whatever you had to say?
Why gave away to the furphy,
And not come right away?
Deep into the eyes,
It could really have rolled the dice.

When those corridor musings were up,
When those were your buddies, who fussed,
When I could hear nothing, but the same one thing,
Every other day, from every other soul.
How could I believe, or jump to conclude?
If the person telling, weren't you.
Of course all that
Is a matter of past,
Which, to resist
Is just to vast.
Today, with your dp
When the 'green dot' says online,
When you text, "hey! How's life?"
And I reply, "it's all fine".
What I don't add,
Is the flashback my head gets into.
Those days of silly childhood.
From these casual texts,
You could have been
my 2 a.m. call.
Not just an acquaintance,
Maybe, the 'best friend'.
But, God.



Profile of Daksh Kumar
Daksh Kumar  •  4y  •  Reply
I guess I went through that broken story that everyone goes through once. Bliss.
Profile of Lakshay
Lakshay  •  4y  •  Reply
OH GOD. I can't even.