Contract Management Software + Online Contracts + Online Contract Management = Cmx

Contract Management Software
Jan 07, 2020   •  0 views

CMx ContractExperience provides a simple, reliable, legally compliant Centralized Contract Management Repository that is secure & customizable for automating and optimizing your contract process from request to the electronic signature to approvals connecting users from multiple groups, departments and geographic locations. Contract Migration and Contract Fields Classification becomes an easy breeze with CMx Contract Management Technology.

Securely store all of your enterprise's contracts from all departments and retrieve in sub seconds using highly efficient indexed search from online or on premise contracts repository.

Multi-Factor/Two Step Authentication (MFA) for secured Contract Management Application, Secured Multi-Tenancy with exclusive data storage, Fine grained highly customizable role/permission scheme based security system for users, World class Secured SSL Certificate,Encrypted data storage and Secure Data Center.

Contract Analytics,Reports and Extensive Activity Logs with Numerous dashboard widgets that ability to keep track of expiring contracts and activity trail from all users of organization.

Contract Management Software + Online Contracts + Online Contract Management = CMx