Apps For People With Disabilities.

Jinny Rana
May 17, 2019   •  46 views

Technology has revolutionized now, how millions of people with disabilities get around, communicate and manage their needs. Now one can utilize technology for better and improved health on access to helpful mobile applications. It's well known that there are applications with modern technology to enrich the lives of people with disabilities more manageable. As of now, there are thousands of apps available in all app stores and new ones are being developed. Take a look at the best mobile accessibility apps for people with disabilities.

BE MY EYES - Blind Or Visually Impaired

A very simple but effective app, that fasten blind or visually impaired people with a sighted volunteer who can help them "see" via direct video connection. Currently available on iPhone, the app aims to help in a variety of situations from an everyday task, making way around new surrounding to check expiry date of a milk carton.

TALKITT - A Voice To People With Speech Disorder

Designed for people with a speech disorder, experiencing trouble speaking with volume and word formation. The technology behind talkitt app recognizes vocal patterns and translates spoken words into more understandable word choice by a mobile device. Moreover, the program works in any language thus allowing them to communicate more easily.

ROGERVOICE - Convert Voice Into Text

This allows the deaf or hearing impaired to read words being spoken to them. It helps user the ability to connect as it picks up speech patterns and translates into text for other people. RogerVoice is very easy to use and simple in design opening up an opportunity for hearing impaired community of the world.


A simple and creative app for your own daily routines guides through visual help by using your own photos. This app is suitable for any age group who require added visual guide especially for those having learning difficulties and Autism. This unique organization tool helps increase confidence, so as to sort and set tasks by building visually links.

WHEELMAP - Find Access To Wheelchairs

This app offers a simple way to wheelchair users to search and find wheelchair accessible places worldwide. Wheelmap users use aggregated data on the app from people all over the world as it helps themselves plan out trips and destinations based on accessible references. This is a perfect application for mobility-impaired to check for wheelchair prior to go. Also, with the outlined destinations one can add on the mark on global map leaving a comment and image to convey your experience to help others.

RED PANIC BUTTON - Emergency App

For people with any kind of disability, quick access to assistance in case of an emergency is the only solution. This red panic emergency app with the tap of a button allows anyone to send a call for help. This app allows you to store an entire list of panic contacts with Google map linked to their location. Moreover, include additional features like SMS message, 10-sec audio recording message as well as sending emergency emails also.

The importance of accessibility is not to be undermined and to support such access to a top priority, it is readily made available for who need it the most. In fact, innovative development happens when product is subjected to improve the lives of others - and mobile apps for people with disabilities find their way is no exception.



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