Benefits Of A Temporary Staffing Agency

Jeremy Woods
Jun 22, 2020   •  4 views

In today's business world, a lot of new trends are visible. Companies today are experimenting with new themes and ideas. Amidst all this, have you ever faced a shortage of staff? Or suddenly most of your workers have quitted their roles ? If such a situation encounters you, you worry a lot. The real worry lies for the Human Resources Department that has to do all the hiring. Well, it's a very genuine problem these days. Employing a capable candidate for a job profile is very tedious. There are umpteen cases when a company chooses a wrong candidate. Or worse than that, there is a situation when no one is ready to accept the job role. So here comes the usage of a temporary staffing agency. It is basically an agency that contains workers who can fulfill short term employment roles for a client. A staffing agency is different from a placement cell or agency. A staffing agency contains chosen workers or specialists as per their expertise who are later hired by companies. While in placement agency, you are hired by a company directly. In Businesses, staff agencies can be both permanent as well as temporary. And today, they are quite beneficial. Want to know how? Then, read these listed advantages! 

Benefits Of A Temporary Staff Agency 

The temporary staffing agencies have a lot of benefits. Apparently, the pros include getting workforce quite easily and conveniently. Yet there is more to it. So do read the below pros: 

  1. Easy hiring

The Human resources department of any company is responsible for the hiring process. Now if the HR department itself engages in this whole procedure, it becomes difficult. The HR department has so many other crucial tasks to fulfill. It has to constantly engage with workers, modify work conditions etc. But with staffing agency, the task becomes easy. They already hire workers according to their specialities. For example there are workers for construction, food, designing etc. The client company can easily choose the desired ones. They can choose the ones they find the best. This makes it a hassle free process.  

  1. Less costs and time

There are various situations when a company gets understaffed. This includes situations of illness, maternity leave , job changes etc. Now if a company is in dire need of employees, it can easily contact a staff agency. They can collaborate actively with them on a moderate commission .

They are also not supposed to pay for the workers. Because ultimately, the staffing agency is going to give a day wage to them . Thus, the client company is fully away from the expenditure of payrolls and other taxes. So it's a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Besides that the time for recruiting the workers also reduces. And that's a very apparent reason. Because already the employees are well selected. So you will only meet the chosen ones. Isn't it great?

  1. Increase in flexibility and productivity

Another benefit of getting a staffing agency is a good surge in worker productivity. You will be astonished to know that in America there are infinite staffing agencies. Especially in the business and downtown areas of San Francisco- the Silicon valley of World. These are the areas where density of population is very high. So, a lot of people are in search of work and hiring too.You will find good temp agencies in San Francisco that hire extremely skilled workers. This detailed screening process ensures good productivity in terms of output. The agency ensures that all the requisite labour and technical skills are present in the candidates. Thus, the company doesn't have much to bother about the productivity aspect. Secondly, a company can at any time get additional temporary workers . The entire process is so flexible and easy, that it takes very less time to get back to work.

  1. Easy trial run

Now this is the most important advantage of hiring a temporary staffing agency. When you will get new workers from them, you won't be obliged at all. You don't have to take responsibility of their work. Rather if you aren't satisfied with them, you can fire them too. 

Other than that, you can run a trial to test their abilities and skills. This is just like probation period. You can employ them on a trial basis and can see if they are up to the mark. You can even assign them certain tasks to perform . This way you won't be negatively effected in your productivity at all. Moreover, with temporary workers on board you aren't bound to look after them. You are also not engaged on a term contract with them. But if some employee pleases you, you can take him/ her on permanent basis.

  1. Good way to learn skills and get job

Till now, we have looked at advantages only from the client's side. Now, let's look at it from the worker's side too. Being in a staffing agency,  you can get employment on a temporary basis. There are many times of the year when you get jobless for brief. Usually, the labourers on daily wages fall under this category. Other masons, agricultural workers also get jobless. During that , you can go and join a staffing agency. There you will be easily hired by the client company. So your joblessness problem gets solved for a brief period. This trend is quite visible in India .Besides that, there are many beginners or students who join it. They can learn new skills while being hired. They are mostly those who have completed their education and need jobs. This is different from a placement, which is usually permanent. Yet , staffing agency is also as good as it.

  1. Trained personnel and law compliance

Who all are there in the staffing agency? Do you think they are illiterate? Or they don't have good abilities? Well,you are wrong. While we agree that the quality of personnel vary. Yet all staffing agencies have very trained personnel. They are highly qualified in terms of education. Apart from that, the agency ensures while hiring them that they have all the skills as per the sector. This makes it easy for a client company. The company doesn't have to invest in their training. This further saves it from additional costs.

Moreover, all staffing agencies have compliances with law. They follow the orders of Ministry of Labour . Be it in any country, the staffing agency ensures no harassment of their workers. It gives them all the due. Thus, there are  no legal complications involved. This again makes it a winning situation for all. 

Thus, these are all the benefits of a temporary staffing agency. Indeed, they are quite wonderful. However, some people are also unaware about them. Yet what's important is to remain up to date with upcoming employment trends. So read all these benefits quite carefully. Kudos, if you are associated with an agency in any way!  


And now let's sum up it all. We firstly got to know a lot about what exactly is a staffing agency. Well, it may look like a new phenomenon, yet it isn't wholly so. All around the world, businesses thrive on them. They say that it isn't easy to run a business. Well, it's absolutely true. You have to constantly struggle in terms of general issues. These include things like employees' quality, training, HR etc. But if you get in touch with a staffing agency, your task becomes easy. You don't have to go all the way to find good workers. You will then have the agency to do your work. Lastly, the agency won't be a fraud at all. Irrespective of you being a client or hirer, you can reap benefits alike. Thus, don't hesitate to get a staffing agency. It can do wonders!