Top 5 Java Frameworks To Apply In 2019

Jefrin Adams
Jul 10, 2019   •  3 views

Do you say that Java is one of the most popular programming languages? Then still we will give points for you because you have not underestimated the power of Java even after various dynamic programming languages have cropped up.

Just as Java’s popularity is not decreasing, its frameworks’ demand also doesn’t lose its charm. Yes, in your role of a Java developer, you would know the amount of Java Web Frameworks available.

Now let’s see the top Java frameworks that Java developers can learn to keep abreast with modern-day development. You can either learn all these frameworks or can opt for the framework, which is significant for you depending on your requirement and nature of the job. For example, Spring is a popular Java framework and can be learned from the best Spring training in Chennai.


Spring is one of the most famous and oldest Java frameworks. It seems to create anything comprising streaming, web, WebSocket, REST APIs, etc. Being developer friendly, it is continually evolving and enhancing upon specific developments in Java.

The Spring framework has the competency to build complex and good-performing web applications. You can also build enterprise-level Java applications in a hassle-free manner with Spring. A couple of its great features are DI-dependency injection and compatibility with multiple frameworks, including Kotlin. Taking up Java classes in Chennai will help you understand the importance of the popular Java frameworks. Mainly, Spring is quite a complex framework, and for this, you require core Java training in Chennai to proceed with it.That said, its complexity itself can be one of its advantages.

Java Server Faces

Java Server Faces consists of complex documentation. In this current development scenario where standardization is crucial JSF lets developers function uniformly across various platforms. Being supported by Oracle, you can apply this framework for whatever you want to develop in the Java programming language. The con of this framework is that it is neither swift nor straightforward. That said, its advantage is the excellent documentation by Oracle.


Being a free Java web application framework Struts assists in the formation of the most multipurpose Java applications. Though this versatile nature can be seen as its advantage, it takes time to get a good grasp of it.

Struts functions in an MVC pattern, and there is the isolation of all the patterns. It can be applied to create beautiful and aesthetically appealing Java web applications.

Quick development can be seen as the major pro of Struts. Besides, it is simple to test new code. However, the availability of several rules, though it is a good thing, is perceived as its disadvantage.


Handling database access is the primary function of Hibernate. Being an ORM (Object Relational Mapping), it can be used to interact with any database that you possess. You can simply carry out a minor change with the total code of your web application.

Hibernate is swift and is easily scalable. It is also easy when you are inclined to function with several databases that are getting difficult to apply.

Google Web Toolkit

Emerging from your favorite search engine, Google adds to the appeal of Google Web Toolkit. Being an open source tool, it lets you form and change front-end Java applications conveniently.

Google Web Toolkit consists of excellent documentation and is simple to learn. The developer can conveniently write challenging browser applications quickly through Google Web Toolkit. It has several features, including cross-browser compatibility, bookmarking, etc. It is applied in making Progressive Web Apps, which is quite trending now.


Here I have listed five of the Java frameworks which are popular now. That said, you should always have an open mind and do a lot of research before concluding on the framework that you need. Several frameworks are available and will be best for your project. Each framework has its pros and cons, and one crucial thing to regard is your experience in Java. When you search for the best Java training in Chennai, ensure that they offer training on these frameworks too