Have You Find Your Purpose Of Life?

Jeeni Gupta
Jul 08, 2019   •  16 views

I was sitting on the bench in the elasiyaa park. I was watching the children sliding and swinging. Some kind of jovial happiness was captivating my soul. I was admiring the beauty of plants, fruits like black berry falling from the tree in front of my eyes . I felt like everything which I am looking around was life. Nothing was stagnent like a muddy water. Every smile on the faces of children, blossoming flowers and greenery around was mesmerizing. At the moment I thought about myself why I am on this Earth? And what all makes me happy.

I was pondering over the day of passing my twelfth standard with distinction. Is that was the happiness I really want or looking at the smiling faces of kids now and feeling the air in my chest?

What is happiness?

Why God send me here?

Do my happiness is being materialistic?

Is God send me to confront distinction or earn alot?

Suddenly, one child was crying in front of me. Her mother came running with a folded chapati in her hand. And wiped her tears and ask him to eat.

Child was quite happy with just that chapati. He doesn't need pizza, burger to fulfill his stomach. Then, I realised happiness has nothing to do with money. It's about making others happy with little efforts.

And why we are here?

It's not because to earn more. But, to be happy and to make others happy.if we are able to share our little with others. It makes them smile. Our purpose of life shouldn't be to enjoy the success but, the journey.

Help others, make one face smiling everyday. Your life will be elevated to one step higher....