You are going well now. Life seems to be quiet. No more adventures and no more worries. Why you won't embrace everyone's life with love and care?

I am not complaining you but, I am just a bit tensed about myself dear Zindagi. You know why?

You always be the part of my heart. Sometime you made me realise what love stand for?

What I lack ?

I learned alot from you yeah! My dear Zindagi. You never gave me pain. You gave me lesson. Yup! A big helping lesson. You made me stronger and tough that what people needed from me. I was bored too with a adventures trip of my life. I too wanted a peaceful arena of my mind and heart where I can worship you. Yeah you!. Don't be too serious. Your presence made me alive all day..and your absence made me dull..

I love you Zindagi. Just be little slow so, I can embrace each and every happiness around me.


Mind and heart