What Your Instagram Says About You?

Janki Insan
Jun 21, 2019   •  52 views

Facebook is no longer in vogue, it’s place has now been taken up by Instagram. And over a billion accounts have been made on this social media platform. As people are increasingly spending more time online, the question of what all your Instagram account reveals about you has become a big concern.

The answer to this question is almost everything. From your likes, hobbies and passion, to your dislikes, and opinions about the various issues in life, anybody viewing your profile can know a lot more about you than you think they can.

The first thing that anyone who comes across your profile, sees is your profile picture. Your profile picture can tell a lot about the kind of photos you use to represent yourself. It can indicate either the light you see yourself in, or the way you want to present yourself to the world.

The next comes your Instagram bio. Your Instagram bio is something you have underestimated all this while! The emojis you use, whether you have added your birthday or not, or the school and the college you have attended (or are attending) all tell some tales about your lives.

The emojis you use in your bio can tell what kind of conversationalist you are! Any other symbols you put in your bio showcase your ideologies and beliefs as do the quotes in your bio!

  • If your birthday is mentioned in your bio, it shows whether you want to be wished or not. It may indicate that you’re doing this to be accepted in the mainstream society as it is widely done by people!

  • If you include your school/college in the bio, it means that you’re willing to be identified with that particular institute, or people at that particular place!

  • If quotes and wise lines are your thing, it can show whether you are depressed by, insecure about or content with the kind of life you’re living.

Your Instagram account can be made private or be open. Having a private account can mean a lot of things. You may have switched your account to private, because you’re introverted, or maybe you have online stalkers. It basically means that there are people in your life or the online space you don’t want to show your profile to.

The stories you put on your profile show the things you give importance to. Even though they are important, they are either temporary or not very crucial as to share a post with. Sometimes, a story is also put when its content doesn’t align with the kind of image you’re portraying of yourself in the posts.

The most important are your posts! And Instagram posts have already been analysed way in depth by researchers at Harvard. The study said that dressing to impress in your photos show that a person is more likely to be self-disciplined and enjoy orderliness. You can read more of their findings over here.

An abundance of selfies means you have a need to be recognised, as do your extreme photos! Photos of travel may mean that you have a desire to empathise your social status. You can see what other kinds of photos mean at the Bright Side.

So, maybe the next time an online friend tells you about your personality just by looking at your account, you may not be as shocked as me!