Everybody walks. But only a few know that the way you walk can give a great insight to your personality! And walking can literally give a clue as to which metaphoric walk of life you come from. So, these are the descriptions of walking styles I have seen in people around me.

  • Lazy and Lethargic

Her hands lazily swing to and fro from her sides while she walks. And she doesn’t care if she is upright while she is walking, and this manner of hers gives off a lazy and messy aura.

  • Mature, yet fun!

She walks moving her arms, but not on her sides, but a little bit in front of herself. Her shoulders swing a little while she walks. And her controlled body movements while she walks, gives off maturity and the little jerk she gives herself while moving is a clue to her fun-loving self beneath the mature person.

  • Ambitious Kiddo

He walks, and it looks as if he is almost trying to hop, as his whole foot almost never touches the floor. He says he does so, because he wants to look tall. To me, it seems as if his walking manner showcases a little bit of child he has inside himself that he is not willing to part ways with.

  • Jumping Jack

He jumps and skips, never really walking steadily. On the stairs, he either glides, taking two steps at a time, and sometimes he every dances while descending the steps. His walking style, in my opinion, explains his short attention spans.

  • Elegant Barbie

Her elbows are almost always glued to her sides as she walks, and while she is walking, she never really extends her arms. Her gait reminds me of a sophisticated and mature woman, that she is.

  • Ready to slide

While she walks, it looks as if she is almost always ready to slide in the hallways and have some fun. Though she is mature, her walk suggests that she is always ready to have some fun.

  • Only Focused

His pace is not slow, and he walks fast, always looking straight and ignoring anybody around him. Sometimes, he won’t even reply when I greet him because he hasn’t noticed. His walk reflects his unwavering focus towards his goals.

  • Eldest Sibling

Her feet, when they touch the ground, are pointed inwards. And her arms move by her sides. This shows that she has more pressing matter than to care for her own self and the way she walks.

  • I am my world

He looks down while he walks, hardly paying attention to anyone else around him. There have been times I have to call him more than once, for him to look up and acknowledge my presence. He doesn’t want to be seen, and that say as a lot about his introverted self.