Walks Of Different Lives (Pt. 2)

Janki Insan
Jun 21, 2019   •  30 views

It amazes me that humans are so behaviorally different that even our walking styles don’t match each other!

And even though I have observed many walking styles already, there are many that I have yet to record on paper. So naturally, I had to make yet another part to describe the way people walk, but this time all these walkers are my classmates.

  • The Walking Mess

She was always in a hurry. And when she walked, she pressed her feet onto the ground with lots of force while her upper body remained stiff. Somehow, her confusions about life were visible in the way she walked around.

  • Cautious Puppy

Whenever she entered a room, she would take small cautious steps inside, and then survey her surroundings before finally fastening her pace to reach the spot or the person she wanted to go to. Her walking style mirrored her personality, as she took time to absorb things and once she learnt it, she was a master.

  • The adaptable model

Hers was a very laid-back way of walking, totally like her own self. She walked steadily and calmly with her elbows near her shoulders and her arms moving the ways models’ arms did. This talked a lot about her demeanor, about her quality to not say a lot, and listen a lot more. She easily adapted to the place she walking in different places just as she did with the various scenarios in life.

  • Panda kid

She walked like a panda, taking little steps with her tiny, but not very tiny feet. Her arms moved in front of her body, just the way the arms of cute little children did. Her walk gave away her cute, childish and soft-spoken nature.

  • Everybody’s friend

She had a skip to her steps, and her arms were never close to her sides, which showed her ability to make new friends with anyone. The manner in which she walked showed her openness and how she was eager to travel, visit and explore new places.

  • Older, but a Kid at heart

Whenever she ran, her fists were tightly closed and her arms swung more like children. At other times, she walked with a seriousness in her steps. This gait highlighted her maturity and her running style highlighted her obsession with anime.

  • A Little Lazy

When she walked, her steps were placed with a bit of jerk and also a little laxity. This manner is her walking how she tended to be lazy and also cautious at times.

There are many more people I am observing! Who knows, I might make another part of this one some day, a day when my walk isn’t lazy. Because after all, the way you walk is the way you are!