Lessons From My College Seniors #2

Janki Insan
Jun 21, 2019   •  45 views

Even though I have described some of my seniors, there are a few those were left, because you can’t ever stop meeting inspiring people! This is my second attempt to describe my seniors, whom I previously couldn’t.

  • She met me only after a teacher had given me her number. And, even though she didn’t meet me a lot of times, she was an amazing senior! Whenever we met, by chance or arrangement, she always asked me how I was before anything else. Not only this, she motivated me at a time when I needed it the most. From her, I learnt that you should always inquire about the other person before you begin any conversation as this makes the person feel that they are cared about.

  • I met him only once and that too, very briefly. And when I messaged him a few days later, he responded so enthusiastically, and shared with me— a lot of his college experiences. He taught me that you could respond to people and share your experiences with anyone who is willing to listen. I was also inspired by his mantra of ‘work hard, party harder’. I am still trying to apply this mantra to my life!

  • The first time I heard her, I was in the meeting with the Head of Department. And I admired her for her confidence and the way she presented her points. Even though I haven’t talked to her yet, I am inspired by her calm and confident aura and how she converses effortlessly with anyone.

  • To be able to begin a startup in a college is a dream for many, but he is one senior who has already accomplished it. He has also built a name for himself, motivating so many people by his words. His oration skills are excellent, and he amazes me every time he handles the stage. He taught me you could work for your dream, no matter where you are!

  • In our club, she was the most dedicated senior, working whenever nobody else did. She missed her classes so that she could get the work done. Sometimes, she questioned why she has to do all the work, but she still worked relentlessly. She taught me what my level of dedication to my work should be.

  • Our online conversation began with the report he asked me to write for an event. Then, I sent him a lot of questions during the Youth Parliament. I was not expecting him to appreciate the questions I sent him, but he did. Later, he helped me better my writing and he was brutally honest about what he felt had to improved. He taught me to appreciate, but sometimes, give your own opinion as well.

Each of these seniors have taught me wonderful lessons; lessons that will take a lot of time to be applied to my life!