In a world where people use their bodies to carry their brains, all of us can put our bodies to a very good use, and that is by gardening. Not only will we love the Earth for giving us such great gifts, but the Earth will love us too for growing plants and putting an end to releasing carbon dioxide while we drive our cars to the vegetable shops.

And once we decide to grow and not shop, we will learn to love and work with our own hands and tend to all saplings as they are our own children. You will evolve as a nature lover over time, and will feel excited to welcome each season as they come. You’ll be amazed at how you transform while you water plants and tune in to nature.

Every time a drop of water falls from the sky, it produces a different sound, depending on where it hits— a leaf, a branch or the floor of your front yard. And you will very happily decide to engulf yourself in the tunes of nature as you enjoy the rain and watch while the sky waters your plants. Summer will bring hope and winter— new and lovely vegetables. How wonderful will it be when you don’t need to spend your evenings in the vegetable market. Instead, all you have to do is to walk outside your kitchen. And get your vegetables for the day.

Imagine the luxury of being able to spend your evening in whichever way you want, rather than driving for various kilometers every day, running around to get the best deals in the vegetable market.

Some people argue that growing plants is hard work. Yes, sometimes it will be be hard, but it sure will be worth it. Every time you come to your garden, you will be greeted by flowers that will shortly turn into fruits and you will know that your hard work is paying off. It won’t be a burden at all because you will discovering amazing birds and insects every day.

Not only will you love nature, you will also learn some absolutely fascinating things about gardening. You are going to know what seasons come and what fruits can be grown. And believe me, you’ll be admired among peers! The rain that you hate will become an occasion to celebrate. Everything will change for good. The winters, in which you were afraid of leaving the house, will be seen as a chance to grow new vegetables. The sun will remind you of the new day and not about tan.

If you are growing, then you are not shopping. A lot of fuel will be saved and you’re going to miraculously wonder how. Also, statistics prove that there can be a major change in CO2 levels if we use the car lesser. You will also benefit your own health, as growing at home ensures that you are not having any pesticides in your food. Working with soil will enhance your immunity. Your household is going to see a decrease in the use of polythene bags as you are not frequenting the grocery shops.

Just adopting ‘growing, not shopping’ can improve your life tremendously!