In front of me lie gardens, gardens that are full of fruits, vegetables and flowers. In front of me lie paths that lead me to the much higher hills that rise beyond the one I am standing on. Behind these steep hills are the bold mountains that have more than a few small specks of snow on their peaks, but these peaks aren’t entirely snow capped.

My gaze first falls on the various kind of flowers in the garden, they are blue, purple and pink. Then, I crane my neck upwards and look at the steep hills. I look at all those places where the trees stands mighty and tall, where forests cover the area and where no man will ever go. Them my gaze lifts to the mountains, which are snowy. I wonder how old the snow is. Every time it rains where I am standing, it snows in the mountains.

The cold breeze from the mountains slowly makes it way down to me, making me feel refreshed. This breeze is enough to wash away all the sorrows of my day. If you stand in the breeze for a long time as I am, you will feel your body hair stand on its ends. Even then, the cold wouldn’t be too much.

I take in a deep breath and fresh air fills my breaths. I breath deeply again and again. Doing this a few times makes sure I don’t feel cold. The scent that hits my nose is a mixture of scents— the flowers, the soil, and the hills.

And while I am looking at the wonderful spectacle, the cuckoos and chirps enter my ears. And somewhere a little bit far, a cricket goes on producing his own music. All the sounds make a symphony, a symphony that is enough to keep me entranced.

Sitting here, I think about me, myself and my life. I think about how I am closing this chapter of my life to begin a new one! There’s a reason why everything is happening, and this time, like many other times in my life, I don’t know the reason. I know destiny will reveal the plans it has for me in the due course of time!

Meanwhile, let me just sit and enjoy the spectacular lands that surround me. In places like this, I feel as if I have finally arrived, finally achieved what I had to do and come home. The tranquil nature give solace to my soul. And I feel as I am on the zenith of peace.

This is my elysium, what’s yours?