Every person in this world is born with capacities. There are hundreds of abilities lying within waiting to be discovered, longing to be exploited. We discover our hidden talents only when we explore, not realizing new potencies arising from us. We are a deep well, loaded with potential that can be unloaded and used unless we don't give way to second thoughts to the level of our strength in showcasing it. People not realizing their potential, love giving up. That potential is hidden from them by their disappointments, discouragements, fear to try...etc. Many people represent as role models for us who have set the bar high and achieved success. These people become blind to their Limitations and see their profound potential, discover it, use it, practice it, master and achieve it. They have set a perfect example for all the disheartened people.

Many of them abandon their career goals and the will to work hard and reach greatness. These dejected people cannot expose their concealed potency, unless they face the risks,

Of getting the kicks,
During the journey,
Where melancholy,
Being it's part, to reach the highest,
And not being the lightest,
In the situations that you face ahead,
And not take the people who delicately fed
You setbacks, deteriorations, faults, regression,

For this is a lesson,
To never let your limitations fail you,
And bring it's due,
Till the end of your life,
To knife,
Through it's heart,
And bring the chart,
To count it's last days,
To make it enter the gate,
To checkmate,
Before it's too late,
For discouragements to flow till date.
When it's reached it's death,
It's imperative for a feat,
To celebrate it's loss,
That moved across,
Our life.
Let the potentialities flow,
To let it grow,
For your true self to show,
That you are the pro,
In everything that you do.

Disappointments, failures do come your way. These are all trials to success. It is said that, those who flop the most will crop out all their negatives to reveal the perfect self with good qualities and potencies than the people who succeed in one go. This is because the people who fail the most, learn the most.

They master from their mistakes and become champions.

Limitations are just sensations to negatives, not to live, but to give up these weak points.

They are the cornerstones for victory because they increase the urge to try more and harder and to prove that,

They are not only made up of drawbacks,
But also of call backs,
That are the hopes deep within them that they are born to be a achiever,
And not a giver,
To their weaknesses,
But selflessness,
To accepting rough life,
To achieve the cry
Never set your limits before it limits you.
Aim higher, grow your potential, achieve more and soar...
Live for favourable outcomes and success..