In the present world, the talk about beauty has become a natural phenomenon penetrating deep into the minds of people and influencing them, ultimately leading to bad result. Beauty has got deeply rooted into everyone's mind making it as part of their lives. It's just like a black hole where once you are captured by it's gravity, you can never escape it. People always depends on their beauty for their constant validation from their partner, workplace,..etc.

Every morning, they look at the mirror, with their minds pregnant ready to burst with unsatisfaction, comparison,..etc. They start having selfimage feeling of hatred, anger,..etc. They are engrossed by the feelings controlled by their looks and fall into depression. That is the point when they start changing their looks to adjust their feelings and ultimately leading to satisfaction.

They start putting makeups, going for facials, plastic surgeries.... not realizing the result being only outward and not inward resulting in our beauty trials residue becoming a disaster for them leading to various skin infections, body processes getting disrupted and ultimately changing the beauty in our face for the greater good of the present and not considering the future outcome.

Everyone is unique and their natural beauty defines who they are. People who try to impress someone to change their beauty figure are imprisoned by their consequences. In retrospect, people start retreating from their beauty routine that has not become resilient disrupting the shape of their natural beauty which has stupefied them of it's betrayal. They are scarred for life.

Beauty industry has become the upcoming field and people are easily drawn towards it by their foolishness not realizing the effects of the artificial products being harmful to them. Many people become demoralized if their beauty does not satisfy them. They start comparing with others and framing them as beauties and themselves as loosers. Beauty is like a disease that has become pandemic affecting everyone mentally, physically and socially. There is a chance to drive people towards internal beauty by replacing artificial chemicals with natural products. Thereby attracting and fulfilling their needs and the needs of their body functions to maintain it's orderliness.

People need to be educated about the adversities that will become part of their journey when their beauty perfectness become their goal and ultimately must switch to natural means......or just stay in the goal of satisfaction and self image feelings of admiration being astonished by their natural beauty.

Don't make your outwardness a lie, ultimately making your inwardness say you goodbye.
Beauty tips, life flips.
Gifting a scar, making us go afar.
From our natural beauty that made us a star and defines who we are.


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well done.. i have written a similar blog. please view mine. it is brownie I'am and I 'll be
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Aptly pointed out.