Living in thing/living thing

Which do u favour?????.......Ask yourself..

Do you prefer the wordly pleasures or pleasure in being with someone who would make a memorable use of the moment in making your life beautiful????

In the present modern era, technology has become the king, dominating and ruling over our interests. Due to it's benefits that surpass the negatives, people have started to look out for options in acquiring these things not realizing the detrimental effects that exceed, baneful for our health,

Mobile phones, laptops, tab, iPad, iPod name it..are pleasing to our perception and convenience but repulsive to our health. It reduces our physical activity in making our work done instantly, time saving, communicating with people around the world and also in our own family circle..not realizing the importance of spending quality time with them in person. It does prove as a benefit in contacting people whom we cannot meet...but when we communicate like this with our own family's a shame. Other materialistic indulgences include cosmetics, accessories, costumes, vehicles..etc...that only captivate our senses that include sight, hearing, smell but degrade our body condition.

People allure themselves and others using these wordly minded targets.
Once fame hits the road, they become tame to these substances and claim satisfactory results from these.

Life is short like a yarn of thread. Life goes on as the thread unwinds stitching using these products to make our life goal that really sucks that we received by luck, getting stuck in this materialistic glue that binds us firmly with it, possessing it, unless the love, affection and compassion we give and receive from people washed away the binding force that links us with those pleasures.

Use people that you come across, spend time with, share your precious moments with them as a needle to stitch up your life portrait into a memory. Those are the beautiful times that made your life complete.

Do not possess things,
Possess the love, affection,
You receive from the people,
And give them too.
You don't need those things,
That impediment your relationship,
With the people
And build a bridge to them.

Give and receive from people amour,
Don't buy and sell the glamour,
Of possessing things,
And not the strings that hold all the memories that we embraced with our fellow beings.

In the modern period, material possession has become the mission to envision their life meant-to be, not realizing the profound meaning and happiness of love from the people that it holds.

Materials are a story,
People are a memory.

Don't be engrossed by the wordly pleasures,
That leisure,
Your time,
And styme,
You from experiencing your precious time with the people who love and support you.

Keep living among the fear of regret of not owning the qualities that people present to you and not from things.

Things are just mirages that are longing dreams of every human being.

Which do you prefer??
Memory to cherish
Dream to wish