Here are some of the other trembles that shiver down your spine in sequel to my previous article:

Bungee jumping:
Life hangs by a thread- want to get a picture of this. Well, then experience this thrill. The person ready to take on this has an elastic cord tied on him also along with some equipments for protection. The person stands on an elevation of many feet comprising the height of shocking sight. When the person has gathered up his/her courage, the person is pushed from the cliff who is basically thrown off down gaining distance near the ground just a microtip gap from the ground and then circled back up primarily like a pendulum.

It is unquestionably a remarkable living in the moment. It takes great valour and self-assurance. The largest advertising event of bungee jumping in the world is of 764ft high leaping from the Macau tower in China as per the Guinness record book. Normally, the jump is done from a fixed platform with a cord bound to it. Sometimes movable objects such as from hot air balloon is also performed. The different aspects are taken into account for assurance of safety: the professional adviser, the location, measure of cord in calculation with the weight of the performer and height of the jump, position, accurate jump and touching ground. It also has risks labelled to this thrilling package that can be life threatening as seen in few cases.

Best places: Nione bridge, Switzerland; Macau tower, China; Royal George suspension bridge,USA; Ponte Colossus, Italy; Colorado River, Costa Rica.


Paragliding is a fun, antagonisic sport craved by people around the world. Being a leisure activity, every being want to be living this yearning. It can be a solitary or a dual sport unless fear takes over courage. The aircraft enclosing the person which is tied to a moving boat. The increase in the speed of boat amplifies the pull of the string of the aircraft. It's a joy to behold the mouth gaping view at that height gliding in the air sometimes not attached to anything freely gliding. The outstanding sight makes us to yearn for this air adventure experiencing both flight and sight balancing it's extremes exceeding our expectations.

Best places: Bir, India; Mont Blanc, France; Annlery, France; Dune du Pyla, France.

Riding a helicopter:

It takes a tremendous skill to execute this act. Gallantry and potency always come in handy. First and foremost the person requires a license to voyage a helicopter or a plane. This venture enclosed astonishing panorama and soaring throb.

Best places: Victoria falls, Zambia; Grand canyon, USA; Great barrier reef, Australia.

Scale a mountain:

This is a must-experience moments but not for the faint-hearted. Many people are discouraged as it poses many obstacles while taking on this journey climbing up the mountain or a cliff. It takes great stamina, balance, determination to get on this dare. Acrophobic people are not suites in the profile. But once they dare, they flare up the light that extinguishes all phobias.

Highest escalations: Mount khuiten, Mongolia; Kilimanjaro, Tanzania; the Andes, Peru.

Do check out other acts that electrify your senses.
And if you encounter such a chance, don't you dare miss the dare.
Keep exploring!!
Happy adventuring!!