This is the best exploding emotion where people want to readily express their feelings. Anger is a freedom from built in temper of increasing levels. There is good and bad anger. Good anger is when parents teach their children to practice the right ways of life. Bad anger represents unnecessary short temperdness even in the silliest of situations. When people come across situations stimulating anger, the levels of temper keep building up ultimately causing an outburst. It is just like a balloon when the amount of air inside increases, the balloon not bearing the pressure within bursts. Nowadays, people have become a pressure cooker releasing their steam of temper causing increasing levels of anger. People express their anger in various ways- verbally, physically, emotionally. People use abusive words, be it their own family members, friends, neighbors, relatives.,etc. They start to physically attack them leading to assaulting, abusing them emotionally too. When the intensity of their anger is more, all these actions increase too, leaving people with mind, body and heart broken. They feel hurt and doubt for love from them.

People with anger,
Start to linger,
In the darkness of temper,
That overshadow them,
Putting the,
In the rim of self control,
That crawls,
Willingfully into their lives
Casting out the darkness that lies within us,
To not go back or be taken aback ,
By the stimulus that conquers our self control,
Have a self control as your crave,
Or have the anger titled imprinted on your grave,
Remove your anger,
To lavish your love for others.

Many people have various dislikes. It is really hard for these people to show interest in these ever again. They hate the sight of those things. This result in the mood being spoilt and the start of disinterest in all the things. These things include everything starting from our own family. We tend to fight often with our own house hold members and start expressing repulsion. Most of the time when this taste remains in us representing by them,we start showing disapproval for all the things. This emotion becomes the input of many results. Anger, sadness, fears,.etc. are the products of this emotion. We become aroused by something unpleasant to see, hear, smell,.etc. Sometimes by the food we get- the way it's cooked(smell), nutritious food (sight, smell), source of food(hear). Sometimes good habits can be result of disguisting. When we face struggles, we start to reflect our lives- can be our life style (food habits, physical activity,.etc. This results in the process of realization with the sense of dedication to achieve the right lifestyle.

Do not how disguist,
In the midst,
Of yourself and everyone,
Keep it hidden,
Far away from your thoughts,
That is being ridden
By the feeling of dislike,
That hike,
Our emotion scale.
Use the emotion,
When it's time for intrusion
Of good things.
Like the good, dislike the hate.

Fear has been tormenting from day one of experiencing the stimuli situations. People fail to face the fear that pace at gradual levels leading to phobias resulting from living and no living things. There are different phobias:

Fear of heights- Acrophobia
Fear of lift- Claustrophobia
Fear of water- Aquaphobia
Fear of books- Bibliophobia
Fear of empty spaces- Cenophobia
Fear of home- Ecophobia
Fear of darkness- Cygophobia
Fear of light- Photophobia
Fear of shadows- Sciaphobia
Fear of food- sitiophobia
And many more....

Fight the fear
To light the spark of courage
Fear the 'Fear'.
(Do refer the other emotions in my previous article)