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Feryal Ozel, an astrophysicist at the university of Arizona who was also a component of the entire helping network was over the moon at the discovery proving that nothing is impossible. The pursuit of this success was started at the time of Einstein itself who proposed various equations and theories on general relativity explaining gravity dedicating his entire work for it followed by Karl Schwarzschild who comprehended that if an object is too dense it's depth is high, leading to high singularity, bringing in the concept of the magnamous effect of gravity that pulls anything towards it on the entry of the event horizon even gas clouds, star and shockingly even light.

To get an image of this magnificent object is highly impossible, one being the distance,And another being pro at gravity. Well, u want to get things straight, get a telescope of the size of the earth. Sounds easy??....No right....

Well, scientists accomplished this task by interconnecting different objects to a pre-existing infrastructure and upgrading it to capture the right kinds of light. Also they mounted atomic clocks to keep track of their observations. Also highly advanced supercomputers were used to process the data. The high refinement in the Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) which was used was it's capability to observe at high frequency radio waves without any disturbance easily innfiltrating through the Galaxy into the black hole presenting the signal from event horizon to the telescopes of the awaiting scientists on the earth. This project gathered and assembled 5 billion megabytes of data in 960 hard drives comprised of about 2 billion high quality photographs. Locating the correct photograph was like a needle in the haystack,

It included a lot of data processing, rebuilding the lacking data, using algorithms and constructing the image from 4 different laboratories for precise results.

As a whole, science united them, coordinating as a group and achieved the goal.
Nothing is impossible. If you limit your potential, you are far away from success. It can take days or months or even years, all for the perfect result.

Hard work,
Are the keys to success

Keep exploring and discovering things...
All the best!!..
Happy succeeding!!!



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